Monday, October 26, 2015

October 23, 2015 - Micanopy, FL to Perry, FL

Another beautiful morning, so that made it so easy for us to prepare our Lil’ Home before getting on the road.

We left the campground at 10:30 am, got on US 441 N then to 63rd Ave to get on I-75 N.  We got back on US 441 after I-75 exit, then on US 27.

Anyone care to put this on your sandwiches??

We checked into KOA Campground in Perry, FL at 12:45 pm.  We were assigned to campsite #C02 (no shade). We asked for a shaded site, but the office said all of them were already reserved for the weekend.  We made a last minute reservation last night.

Looking dejected cause he didn't get a shady spot!
After the setup we went to 3 Nelsons Burger and Ice Cream Shoppe to meet Marlene for a chat.  Marlene and Edith knew each other from the time they were little, while as students at Florida Deaf School in St. Augustine, FL.  She showed up at our surprise Lil’ Home Journey Party at Gold Head Branch State Park on Oct 3, 2015, but we did not get much chance to talk. 

Erwin had two scoops of strawberry ice cream in a cup and Edith got root beer float (a big NO for her, but…).  Edith is supposed to stay away from carbonated drinks.  Too much sugar… The chat lasted about 2 hours and we enjoyed chatting about different topics.  We talked about family, schoolmates, travel and of course, health issues… 

Marlene & Edith
After bidding Marlene good-bye we went to the cemetery on Center Street.  We had been there before, but Edith wanted to check it out again.  There were few statues she would like to get pictures of, but the setting sun was behind them. She decided to come back during one early morning.

We stopped to get gas for the Jeep and while there, a semi truck carrying a truck with huge monster tires on it pulled up to fuel up too. Edith took a few pictures. 

Then on our way back to the campsite we passed Hampton Inn and immediately made a U-turn into their parking lot because Edith saw a row of Ford Model T cars.  There were about 12-15 cars mostly in the 1931 model years, most of them in excellent shape/condition. There is one model that Erwin really liked so much.  The cars will be part of the Florida Forest Festival parade that will be held tomorrow in Perry.

Erwin liked this one
At the campground Erwin went out for a walk while Edith prepared supper.  After he got back he told her that he found a good place for watching sunsets and suggested that we go there after supper.

If we had walked we would probably miss the sunset, so we went in the Jeep, parked it by the fence.  The area in the back probably belongs to Perry municipal airport.  Another couple joined in.  

It was a restful night and we played two rounds of cribbage. Edith won both rounds! 
Erwin :-(

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