Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 15, 2015 - Keystone Heights, FL

Stepped outside to see the sky so blue without clouds.  Little warmer than it was yesterday morning, but bearable.

After breakfast we packed water bottles, camera gear in a backpack and went to Ravine Overlook parking area inside the state park.  The nature trail is 1.1 one way and there is no loop.  There is a ravine with springs flowing inside the area.  Very lush.  Not much wildlife to see, but Erwin spotted a snake that quickly left the walkway into the thick woods.  A small woodpecker was seen, but it was hard for Edith to get a sharp photo.  Saw a small turtle with its head hidden inside the shell.  Some walkways were hard packed, others were of soft sand. Sometimes it is hard to keep up pace when the sand is so soft.  We completed a 2.2 mile hike in about an hour and half.  

We were planning on hiking the Lake Restoration trail, but the weather started to get little muggy and we were very hungry. We decided to go hiking tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

After getting back to the Lil Home Edith prepared hot dogs for lunch.  We spent the afternoon lounging under the awning and watching new arrivals. 

The sunset was so-so and Edith was hoping the sky will be clear tonight to see the Milky Way.  Yes, she is obsessed.

Erwin was holding a flashlight while the picture was taken
After we got back from photoshooting we decided to start the bonfire since it was nippy outside.  

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