Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 14, 2015 Keystone Heights, FL & Micanopy, FL

A cloudy morning  After coffee and breakfast we sat outside. The stillness of the morning. Not a single strand of spanish moss moved!  The squirrel was around looking for nuts. 

The clouds started to clear up by mid morning. We wanted to check out Paynes Prairie State Park for our stay at its campground after we check out of Gold Head Branch State Park on the 17th. Paynes is in Micanopy, FL and off US 441. About 5 miles south of Gainesville, FL.

From Keystone Heights to Micanopy it was a very nice drive and the county road was very interesting. There was a swamp on both sides, lots of cypress trees. No, we didn’t see any alligators!

A pair of sandhill cranes was spotted inside Paynes Prairie preserve area.  

After arriving Paynes Prairie we went to the ranger station to get information on campsite availability.  In the past the park will reserve a site for you in advance, but most parks don’t do it nowadays.  We have to reserve it via reserveamerica.com.  There is a reservation fee involved. However, we have found that the information is not updated or accurate.  Looking at the computer the ranger mentioned that the site #5 is available for Oct 17- 23 and Edith pulled up the website on her IPad to see if it shows it as occupied or available. Guess what?!?!  OCCUPIED!!!  Edith showed it to the ranger and he was as puzzled as we were.  We will need to talk to Reserve America about the problem.  

After giving us a list of available sites we drove around the campground to determine which one will work best for our Lil’ Home.  We liked site #37 because it has 50 amps.  While there Edith went ahead and reserved site #37 via reserveamerica.com for 5 nights.  Since Edith is a FL resident and over 65 years old she paid only $11 per night (regular is $22).  

This Serro Scotty trailer is a 1966 antique! This particular trailer has been registered in the Serro Scotty's Hall of Fame! It has been restored and the exterior was drawn by many different people and then it was all airbrushed to make it permanent. Very cool trailer, the interior is very simple and plain, not colorful like the exterior!
It was past noontime and we were ready for lunch.  Drove to Reddick, FL and had buffet at the Iron Skillet Restaurant.  $10.59 for all you can eat.  If you decide to order just the hamburger from the menu it is $9.79 and does not come with salad, desserts, etc, so it is best to order buffet. 

We went back on the same route to Keystone Heights and saw another pair of sandhill cranes.  Edith walked up to get a closeup shot, but they walked further away. 

The rest of the afternoon and evening found us relaxing.  Erwin did a bit of woodburning and Edith did a bit of housecleaning.

We played 2 rounds of Cribbage and tied at 1-1.  Edith asked to play 3rd round and Erwin said “No, let’s stop at 1-1, so we can sleep in peace”.  Oh OK! Edith thinks Erwin was afraid she was going to whip him ;-)

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