Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 8, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

Beautiful morning. Edith had planned on getting up early before sunrise to go to Southbank and take pictures of the skyline, but she overslept.

We could not dillydally because we had a 9 am appointment at Jacksonville Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge service department to have them check the hitch on the Jeep (being recalled by the manufacturer).  At no cost to us.  While it was being serviced on we waited in the lounge room and there is Wifi service. Edith finally caught up on her Facebook account, checked email and made notes for the blog.  Our good friend, Herbert, brought his Magnum car in for air bag recall, so while his car was being checked on we chatted for a while. 

We had a brief scare when the technican came by to tell us that the tie rods were excessively worn out and needed to be replaced.  Erwin went with the tech to take a look at the Jeep and found out it was not our car.  What a big relief! 

It was around 2 pm when they finally finished with the Jeep.  We were upset with the sloppy job the mechanic did with the hitch wirings. They were loose and exposed and the Jeep was brought back in the bay.  After hearing our complaint the tech went in to talk to the shop foreman and found out it was him who told the mechanic to do that way.  No No, you cannot do that!  It was 3 pm when the work was done.  Yes, they finally did it the right way and we left the dealership happy and relieved.

On way we stopped at Bank of America to inquire about address change, but the waiting time was 45 minutes.  They put us down for a 9:30 am appointment the next day.  

Since we had one hour to kill before going “home” we stopped by The Calico Corner to see if our order for the bedroom shades was ready. No, it won’t be for another week.  

It is a blessing to have Glide app, so we can send video messages to family members and friends.  With Glide you can record your message then send it out during your free time.  With FaceTime it is recorded live and if you are not presentable or don’t have free time to talk you would not want to answer.  There are pros and cons to each app.

While the campground Edith can easily see if the sunset was going to be good or not.  After supper she went to Riverfront Park in San Marco area where her favorite spot is for sunset photoshooting.  

One of Three Lion Statues at San Marco area

Since the wifi at the campground is iffy Edith stopped at Starbucks on way back home to use its wifi service and at the same time got Very Berry Hibiscus tea, then sent glide messages to friends.

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