Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 21, 2015 - Micanopy, FL

Partly cloudy… The squirrel was on the trunk of a tree watching us eating breakfast.

Before we went out for the morning hike Edith prepared chicken thighs covered with zesty Italian dressing in slow cooker and let it cook for 6 hours.

There are 8 hiking trails in Paynes Prairie area.  We decided to go to Bolen Bluff Trail off US 441, few miles north of the campground.  It is a 2.5 miles round trip and costs $2 per vehicle (honor system).  There was a warning sign that watch tower is closed due to water.

Most part of the loop is shady which makes it so pleasant to hike.  If we were lucky enough we would see wild Spanish horses or bison herd. The path leading to the tower was muddy most of the way and by the time we got closer and closer the path became very unstable and there were standing water puddles.

Did the witch lose part of her broomstick?
That was what it was!
Fungi on a dead tree trunk

Erwin was the one who spotted a bird on the grass in the distance and called Edith over.  With her telephoto lens she shot a picture so she can see what kind of bird it was. It was Great Blue Heron looking for baits.  It barely moved as we walked closer.  

We had to turn around and went back because of muddy conditions.  We were hoping to get close enough to see wild horses and bisons, but no luck.

The hike lasted about 2 hours. We could continue longer if the path conditions were not so bad.  

Edith has always wanted to take pictures of live snakes, but
NOT the dead one like this one
Spider in its burrow 
Vines trying to grow up the tree!
Green Dragonfly resting on a leaf
By the time we left Bolen Bluff it started to sprinkle.  Dark clouds started to build up all around.  After we got back home it started to rain.  

Edith started to feel so tired that she took a long nap.  Erwin was still having trouble with his right side and was not able to do things he would like to do.

The supper was very delicious and both of us liked chicken thighs with zesty italian dressing.  Jenny, Erwin's daughter, was the one who gave the recipe to Edith.  She will definitely fix it again another time.

Edith was hoping to go to Gainesville, FL to watch the bats emerging from the bat house, but the weather was unfavorable.  Hopefully she can go see it tomorrow evening.

We discussed about tomorrow’s plan, but it is hard to decide because we don’t know what the weather will be like.  We will decide in the morning.

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