Friday, October 30, 2015

October 27, 2015 - Chiefland, FL & Old Town, FL

It was overcast, but not raining yet.  

Edith went to the concession to use its wifi, so she can edit and post travel blogs.  The aroma of BBQ pulled pork and ribs got her mouth watering.  There were no swimmers at the spring.

On way to visit Gracie and Jerry we stopped at R & L RV Supply to see if they have gutter extensions for the Lil’ Home.  The drips from either rain or air conditioning run down the sides of the LH leaving stains, so by adding the extensions the water drips further from the sides.  They had some in stock and we bought one that we knew will fit.

We had quick lunch in Old Town, FL before going to Gracie’s house.  It started to drizzle a bit.  

As usual, it is always good to see Gracie and Jerry again.  We spent the afternoon chatting.  We stayed for supper and Gracie served Hobo Burgers.  We have to say that we liked it better than the one Edith fixed last week.  Gracie’s son Jerel and his girlfriend Sam were supposed to eat with us, but Jerel had not come home from work yet.  

Edith & Gracie

Jerry & Erwin
For the evening we sat and chatted more.  We are never out of news! We watched a bit of the news on TV.  For dessert Gracie served brownies covered with chocolate frosting.  Oh my, plenty of walnuts, so crunchy!  

It was around 8 pm when it was time for us to go back to the state park.  As we were outside Erwin heard an owl hooting, looked up and saw it flying overhead to another tree.  He told all of us to look for it, but it was too dark to see.

The gate at the state park was closed, but we had the code to open it.  

The day was just nice spending time with wonderful friends.

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