Friday, October 16, 2015

October 5, 2015 - Old Town, FL & Swuannee, FL

We had a restful night sleeping in our Lil Home on Gracie & Jerry’s property.  

Gracie prepared breakfast for us and we chatted for a bit before we left to stop at Jack’s Pro Tire shop to find out about new RV tires that should have been delivered last week.  Since we did not get a call to tell us the order is in we wanted to know when the tires will be here.  The guy in the office said the freight truck got delayed last Friday and it should deliver the tires tomorrow. 

We were hoping to have RV tires replaced today, but that was not going to happen.  Plan B was to go visit Suwannee  the gateway to the Gulf.  It is the last town at the end of Route 349 toward Gulf of Mexico.  We had been there before, but wanted to check campgrounds in the area.  

First stop was to check out Bill’s Fish & Camp, went inside the office to get information.  14 sites, but none of them has 50 amps for electricity.  Our LH can use 30 amps if we run one air condition at a time.  The area is very nice and quiet.  Lots of pelicans were hanging around.

The Campground

We drove west to the dead end of the town. Most stores and restaurants were closed.  We were not sure if they are out of business or closed for the season.  We found a public dock where we can fish from.  In fact, there were few along the road.

On our way back to Old Town we pulled into one campground that is about 4-7 miles further from the main road.  The road was hard dirt packed and manageable. 

Yellow Jacket RV Resort is very nice. Little pricey, but the atmosphere is lovely. It has a small swimming pool.  There is an old firetruck that is displayed near the office.

Edith wanted to check out the wildlife management area.  The road was very narrow and sandy.  There were several water puddles in some spots, but the Jeep handled it very well.  There were no other vehicles in sight; otherwise we would have a hard time getting off the road to allow them to go by. No sight of wildlife, no birds in flight at all.  

We drove past a house that is huge and has beautiful electronic gate.  Edith wanted to get a picture of the eagle artwork on the gate, but the sun was right behind it. The picture did not come out good.  “I’ll come here tomorrow morning”, Edith mentioned.

Gracie had supper ready for us.  As usual, the foods were delicious and we were stuffed.

In Gracie’s backyard there were lots of Northern Cardinals coming to the feeder, hanging in the tree nearby.

"Hey, is that you, Edith?  I have heard so much about you"
Since the sky was so clear Edith called Gracie out to look for the Milky Way.  Yes, they were able to see it right above the house.  The stars were shimmering and shining for us to look at and enjoy.  It was beautiful

The Milky Way

It is always nice to spend the evening catching up news with our dear friends.

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