Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 16, 2015 - Keystone Heights, FL

It was a really beautiful morning, but we were too lazy to get up and slept in til past 9 am.

After a quick breakfast we drove to Sheeler Lake Restoration site, not too far from Ravine Overlook parking lot. The ranger we spoke to when we checked in last week mentioned that there is an eagle nest and we might see eagles around.  The trail was short, easy, but very sandy.  The lake is beautiful.  The park is trying to restore it to its natural beauty.  We tried our best not to trample on native plants.  Lots of dragonflies in various colors, but they were SO hard to get pictures of.  They would not sit still or long! Edith managed to capture the ones in blue and red.  We were hoping to be able to walk around the lake, but as we got to about 1/4 of the way the trail was impassable.  

We went to the Mill Site trailhead, followed Loblolly Loop Trail (3/4 of a mile).  The spring was so clear and cold.  Not much to see/do, but there were some nice fall leaves on trees.  Erwin spotted a nine lined skink on the tree and as soon as Edith got close to take a picture it moved to the back of the tree.  We had to coax it to move to the front for photo opportunity, but it would not cooperate.  Edith managed to find a spot to get a photo.

Zorro was here???
A very relaxing, easy trail.  Best to go there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Lots of shaded areas, but if you go during noontime it could get muggy.

After getting back to the Lil’ Home (LH) Erwin went to work on his new woodburning project: an hawk.  Edith immediately started editing this morning’s photos.

Half an Angel's wing?

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