Monday, October 19, 2015

October 13, 2015 - Keystone Heights, FL

It was really nice to sleep in when there is no special plan for today. We discussed last night and declared that it is our LAZY day today.

After realizing we were out of bread and low on eggs Edith made a short list of what she needed to get at grocery store. 

In Keystone Heights, FL there was construction going on on Route 100, few blocks from the grocery store.

She shopped at Hitchcock’s Supervalu, about 6 miles from the state park.  A nice store with different layout and well stocked.  

After getting back home and putting groceries away ham/cheese sandwiches were made for lunch.  When the weather is pleasant we would go eat outside.  Few birds flew by.  One hairy woodpecker showed up checking on foods in some branches.  Two cardinals were hidden in the shadow of the woods.  Such a calm day. The clouds did not move too fast this time.  There was nothing we could make out of cloud shapes.  

Erwin pulled out the shopvac he brought along to vacuum and clean our Lil’ Home.  We had a portable vacuum cleaner, but it did not do a good job, so we left it at the house.  We will need to shop for a good quality one. (Any suggestions from y’all on which model to get? Prefer a small compact one!) Erwin cleaned all rooms and rearranged some stuff.

Not exactly a LAZY day, but we felt better after everything is clean and put away.

Rest of the afternoon found us sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and watching butterflies fluttering around.  All kinds of colors: blue, white, orange and yellow.  They would not sit still for photos. Bummer!

The blue dasher dragonfly appeared on the same branch.  Such a beautiful creature.   We just learned something that if you try to handle it, it will BITE you.

Relaxing outside with a glass of wine was what we did for rest of the afternoon.  Watched campers walk by with their dogs.  Not too many campers here.

After supper Edith decided she was going to go to the pavillon area and try to capture photos of the Milky Way by the lake. After checking one of her favorite star gazing apps she found where to look for it.  It was still dusk, but the peak of the Milky Way already appeared above the horizon.  She waited until after 7:45 pm to drive over.

It was pitch black at the pavillon area and Edith did not want to walk down to the “beach” area because there are ALLIGATORS around.  She decided to stay in the parking area, set up the tripod, checked the camera settings and waited.  After waiting a while to allow her eyes time to adjust to the darkness she finally saw the Milky Way.  Click, click, click for about 30 minutes to get maybe two or three great shots out of 100 photos. It would have been a better shot if she was on the beach.  She even saw few shooting stars!  This brought back good memories of her Girl Scout days spent at Gold Head Branch State Park when she watched the shooting stars.

Filled with excitement she hurriedly drove back to the campsite, called Erwin out to see the Milky Way.  We were in awe of it.  Edith took few more photos, but they did not come out as great as those taken at the pavillon area.

A good relaxing day for us, indeed… This is our mediation!

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