Friday, October 30, 2015

October 26, 2015 - Chiefland, FL

Edith took a peek out of the window and saw that it was not going to be a beautiful morning.  That is okay, she told herself since she wanted to sleep in a bit longer.

We needed to pick up more food items at Winn Dixie in Chiefland, FL, but we went to the public library first to use its wifi service so Edith can finish two travel blogs.  While she was working on it Erwin pulled out Louis L’Armor paperback and started reading it.  The day got better!

After eating out for lunch we stopped at Winn Dixie. We bought foods that should last about 4-5 days, but cost us over $40!  Edith has not been couponing much like she used to several years ago. She realized it is difficult to keep it up while traveling because we do not have a printer to print coupons or buy Sunday newspapers that have coupon inserts.  She will have to somehow figure out how to stretch our grocery budget.

On way back to the state park we asked the ranger if they have firewood we can buy. “Oh, we don’t have any left”, she said.  We will have to wait til tomorrow.

After putting groceries away we rested outside and was greeted by an armadillo that walked about, looking for meals, walked under our Lil’ Home (LH). It is the healthiest armadillo we have seen.  

We realized we forgot bug spray, so we went back to town, shopped at Tractor Supply Co and got the spray.  We asked about the firewood and they were out of it, also!

Since it was pleasant and not too humid outside we grilled pork chops, cooked fresh broccoli.  Few minutes after we started eating Erwin alerted Edith to look around.  

There were few deer walking around. There was one fawn.  We saw a total of 10 deer.  They were not afraid of close encounter with humans.  It looked like they have gotten used to being around campers on daily basis.  It was a joy to watch them walk by until they disappeared into the forest. 

We decided to start a small fire, so we can have some toasted marshmallows.  We sat and watched the fire dancing in the dark.  Beautiful, but dangerous.  After we devoured toasted marshmallows we went back inside the LH and few minutes later the rain came!  Perfect timing!

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