Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 25, 2015 - Perry, FL to Chiefland, FL

We have been so lucky with the weather lately.  This morning it was 81˚ and it was a gorgeous day for sightseeing, but there is not much time for it because we needed to check out of KOA at 11 am.

It was around 10 am when Edith decided that she was going back to the cemetery to take more pictures while poor Erwin gets the Lil' Home (LH) ready by filling water tank, emptying the sewage tanks, closing all the slide outs and putting stuff away so they don't fall and rattle around.  At the cemetery the sun is now shining on the fronts of tombstones and monuments.  A perfect timing and it did not take very long to get there from the campground.  

On her way back to the campground she saw several motorhomes towing mudbogging vehicles on trailers.  It seemed like there was an event going on in the town. There was one motorhome towing a 17’ fishing boat!!! She got back to the campground little after 10:30 am. Erwin was outside waiting for Edith’s arrival and he promptly hitched the Jeep to the LH.

It was 10:54 am when we left KOA-Perry campground. We got on US 19 South that will take us to Chiefland, FL.  Before we left Erwin called Manatee Springs State Park to find out if there is any space availability for tonight. Yes, there are several spaces left. 

While we were nearing Cross City, FL Edith texted Gracie to see if it was possible for us to meet with her and her husband Jerry for lunch at Hardee’s in Old Town, FL.  She replied back that they could meet us, but were going to be little late.  

As we were approaching the intersection of US 19 and 349 we saw our old Keystone Everest 5th wheel trailer in the back lot of Jack’s Pro Tire shop.  What was it doing there, we asked ourselves.

After parking the LH behind Hardee’s Erwin walked over to Jack’s Pro shop while Edith went inside Hardee’s and waited for Gracie and Jerry.  It was 5 minutes before they arrived.  It was good to see them again.  After Erwin got back from the shop he explained that the ceiling inside the trailer is in bad shape and needs to be replaced.   We bought the trailer in 2003 when we lived in Maryland.  It became our “permanent” home for 2 and half years in Jacksonville, FL after we moved from Maryland. We sold it in the year of 2013.

We enjoyed our time chatting with Gracie and Jerry for an hour and half. We could have stayed longer, but we wanted to keep going to Chiefland, FL to check into the campground.  We made an arrangement to visit them on Tuesday, October 27th, since Chiefland is not too far from where they live.

We had not made reservations with Manatee Springs State Park for tonight’s stay, but we called ahead this morning and they said they have available sites.  We had already reserved site #13 for Monday, October 26 through Saturday, October 31.  While talking with the ranger it was mentioned that there were 3 available sites that we could stay at for 14 days.  She gave us the numbers for us to go check them out.  After checking each out we decided we wanted site #47 and went back to the ranger station to pay.  

We don’t have to move from site #47 to site #13 tomorrow, which is a big help.  The loop we are in is not too far from the concession (it has free wifi) and the swimming hole.

We were not that hungry when it was around 5 pm, so we took a walk to the concession and to check out the springs.  The water was so blue/green and in the back sun rays shone through the forest.  It was a beautiful sight.  We continued walking on the boardwalk until we reached the end of it which is at Suwannee River.  

The concession has a TV in the picnic area and there were news about ISIS prison break. We do not watch TV in our LH, so we are out of the loop with the news. We decided not to order foods there even though the pulled BBQ sandwich looked yummy.  

We decided to have “breakfast” for supper, had bacon, hash browns with scrambled eggs.  

Edith spend the evening editing pictures while Erwin was reading Zandrus' Forge authored by Marion Zimmer Bradley (SCI-FI). 

We had not decided what we will do tomorrow. We will probably decide once we see what the weather is like after we get up in the morning.

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