Sunday, November 1, 2015

Octobr 29, 2015 - Chiefland, FL & Jacksonville, FL

Edith had a restless sleep during early morning hours because she was worried that she and Erwin might oversleep past 6 am.  They decided last night that they want to leave for Jacksonville, FL at 7 am.  Well, she was up at 7 am!  Ahh, too late...

We hurriedly got dressed, fixed a pot of coffee, left the state park at 8 am.  

It was a very foggy morning, but it was beautiful.

According to GPS the estimated time arrival to our house is 10:45 am. We have few errands to run today before the 2 pm medical appointment:
  1. Pick up the bedroom shades for our Lil’ Home
  2. Pick up mail
  3. Check the house to be sure all is ok
  4. Shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods for hiking boots
  5. Make an appointment with Dr. Duffy for annual check-up at Center One 
  6. Have lunch at Panera in Jacksonville Beach, FL
  7. Check in at First Coast Dermatology for annual check-up with Dr, Chelsy Marty
  8. Pick up bicycles and the rack carrier
1. At Calico Corner store we checked the bedroom shades, but were not satisfied with the way velcro strap was done, told the clerk to shorten the strap.  She said she hopes that the seamstress can fix it before 4 pm and we could pick them up before going back to Chiefland, FL.

2. The mail was half full in the box. As usual, most of them were junk. 

3. The house looked fine.  We cleaned out leaves from the driveway and the walkways.

4. At Dick’s Sports Erwin found a pair of waterproof hiking boots in his size.  He first tried two other boots, but did not like them. He liked the 3rd one, walked around some more and was very satisfied.  A lot cheaper than the one he looked at two weeks ago. His old hiking boots have started to come apart and became uncomfortable for walking.

Erwin's old hiking shoes
5. Since Erwin’s knee surgery in November 2011 he has to have annual check-up with Dr. Duffy, so we stopped by the office to make an appointment for November 9th.

Intracoastal Waterway 
J.T. Butler Bridge crossing Intracoastal Waterway
6. After arriving Jacksonville Beach we had enough time to grab lunch at Panera before our 2 pm appointment with the dermatologist.

7. Checked in with Dr. Marty.  Erwin checked out clear, Edith had a couple of actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous moles) which were promptly freezed off (cryotherapy, which is "freezing" the lesions with liquid nitrogen) It is a perfect timing for Edith’s Halloween Look because the affected moles will turn very black immediately and then fall off in 5-7 days.  We already made an appointment for annual check-up in December 2016.

8. We went back to the house to pick up bicycles and the rack carrier.

Before leaving Jacksonville we stopped at Calico Corner again, but the shades were not done.  We left the city around 4 pm and the traffic was little slow but moving! When we hit 301 going south just past the little town of Waldo, the sun was low in the west and Erwin spotted a bunch of bee hives and made a U-turn back to the area.  The sun highlighted the bees and the soft light was showing off the swarm of Honey Bees!  Oh wow, what a very lovely sight!  

We were glad to be back “home” safe and sound.  We were really exhausted and did not stay up late as usual.

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