Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 10, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

The weather was just perfect for Edith’s photoshooting day. She was anxious to go and explore parts of the Southbank and downtown Jacksonville.  

When Edith was a young lady this dining place was
a very popular establishment on US 1
It has been closed for years and years
First stop was at the Southbank that is across the river from downtown Jacksonville.  The riverwalk used to be made with wood lumbers, but over years they started to rot, so the city closed it and did major renovations.  The brick colored pavers are used and there are sitting benches with umbrellas over them.  

It was easy finding a parking spot by River Place Tower.  It was a short walk to the riverwalk.  

Butterflies and flowers along the way
The sky and clouds were just what Edith wanted in her photos.  She spent few hours scouting the areas, taking pictures here and there.  She then drove over the Main St. Bridge, found a parking spot not too far from Jacksonville Landing. Since it was Saturday the parking meter was free.

Downtown Jacksonville and the Main Street Bridge
St. Johns River
The Lone Sailor statue is on the Southbank riverwalk
The famous Blue Main Street Bridge (drawbridge) 
over St. Johns River 

Edith went to Jacksonville Landing, walked around bit, took pictures of the Main St. Bridge.   The Landing was built by the Rouse Company and opened to the public in June 1987.  When Edith was living in Maryland her parents used to frequent there on Sundays after the church service, walked around, dined out.  At that time the Landing was a thriving business establishment with lots of stores, restaurants, bars, etc, but over the years stores started to close down.  The city has been trying to reinvent the facility but without much success.  It will be a long road to making it successful once again.

Jacksonville Landing
Wells Fargo Bank that is right
across from Jacksonville Landing
After getting back to Lil’ Home Erwin took the car and went shopping. His walking shoes are starting to fall apart and he was hoping to find a good pair of shoes.  They were over $150 and Erwin did not feel comfortable to buy it right away.  He is going to look around some more and hopes to find one at a reasonable price.

After Erwin got back from shopping we went back to the house again to pick up few more stuff from the garage.  We did the laundry while we were there.

In case you did not know our house has been on the market since October 1.  There were few showings and there was one couple who liked the house so much, but was concerned about the below average elementary schools nearby.  

We did not do much in the evening. Just a usual walk around the campground before retiring for the night.  

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