Monday, October 12, 2015

September 30, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL to Keystone Heights, FL

Last night was our last day at the house.  We did not sleep in the house because the bedroom set was sold so we slept in our Lil’ Home (LH).  No electricity to run from the house to LH.  We had a battery operated portable fan running at high speed while we slept, but it was still a little too warm.

It is very sunny and beautiful. A perfect day to start our trip.  

Breakfast was prepared.  The waning moon was visible just before the sunrise.  Edith was so tempted to go to Riverfront in San Marco to get pictures of the moonset, but decided to stay put and get the LH organized.

Hernando came to pick up the porta boat (folding boat). While he was there he helped Erwin clean the rooftop of the workshop.  He was the one who came to buy the fishing cart over a month ago then offered to help with the landscape after learning about Erwin’s right shoulder.  He himself is a physical therapist.  He is a very nice fellow and loves to fish.  He was really excited about the folding boat.  

We wanted to leave as soon as Hernando left, but there was one more customer, a doctor, coming to pick up the wood pieces at 12:30.

We had already reserved #55 campsite at Gold Head Branch State Park in Keystone Heights, FL for Oct 2-4.  Our friends, Bon and Marilyn, asked us to spend the weekend with them before we leave FL.  We thought we could stay two extra nights there and Erwin called the park to see if there is any availability. We were assigned site #58 (handicapped access). 

We finally left the house at 1:45 pm, stopped at U-Haul to get propane tank filled up. The one on Southside Blvd is the easiest place for our LH to go in and get out.

After checking in at Gold Head Branch State Park we settled into the campsite.  Setup was quick and easy. 

After resting a while we went out for a walk and it was very hot and muggy.  We went to the lake, saw deer hoof prints, turkey prints.

Turkey print 
Deer Hoof Print
On way back there was a small tortoise turtle scampering across the road to the dirt area.  Edith called Erwin over to see the RED ant.  It moved very fast and hardly ever stopped. We both had never seen it before.

Erwin waiting for Edith to catch up

After supper Edith wanted to go out for a drive to find a spot for sunset pictures. On her way out she took pictures of the beautiful rays beaming behind the clouds. It was so beautiful!

She drove 7 miles to the bridge where there is a big lake called Brooklyn Lake, but there was “NO Parking” signs posted along the side.  She continued driving down, but had no luck finding a place to park.  Giving up on that one she continued driving until she got to Melrose, FL.  There was no open space and trees were all around.  Not good for sunset pictures, Edith said to herself and she decided to turn around to go back to the state park. It started to rain very hard and lightnings/thunders put on the performance for a good while.

Erwin was working on a woodburning project while Edith was away. He mentioned that he really felt good working on it again because it has been a long time since he last worked on it.  


  1. I will really enjoy seeing your travel log. This is such an exciting chapter in your lives. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

    1. Thank you for commenting and following our travel blog. There are several reasons we are doing this; #1 is to help us remember what we did, where we've been (yes, we're getting older and our memories are not quite what they've been :). ) #2 we have friends that cannot travel for one reason or another and we are taking them along with us so they can see how beautiful and majestic America and Canada truly are.
      The house is still on the market and we cannot venture far from home base until it is sold! Hugs, Erwin&Edith

  2. the red ant is like "oh shiitttt, the human is getting too close for comfort, I better run faster to the safe haven before she gets a chance to stomp me!"

    1. Christy, lol... it ran so FAST, but Edith was able to keep up with it. A friend told us that it is so hard to kill it even when stomping with a shoe.. Hmmm...