Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 6, 2015 - Old Town, FL & Chiefland, FL

After breakfast and coffee chat with Gracie & Jerry, Erwin drove our Lil Home (LH) to Jack’s Pro Tire for RV tire changes.

While Erwin was away Edith took Gracie out for a ride on Route 349 West because she wanted Gracie to see the eagle artwork on the electronic gate. 

First stop was at Jack’s Pro Tire to find out what is happening.They had just taken off the first tire, so that will take maybe more than 3 hours to finish 6 tires altogether.

Edith and Gracie really enjoyed spending time together.  We saw horses, cattle egrets, domestic turkeys, etc. Gracie was impressed with the eagle artwork.  The sun was behind our backs and that was a perfect opporunity to take pictures.

It was around 4 pm when Erwin came back with our LH.  New tires and they should be good for 5-6 years if nothing else happens to them.

New Tires

Tire shavings

The reason for shaving the tires is to make them perfectly round and then you will have a much smoother ride. The wheels will stay on the road as opposed to bouncing up and down if the tires are not perfectly round. You can see in the video below that the shaver touches the tire on one side and nothing on the other and in the end it touches the whole tire. This makes the tires last 17% longer because the tires are balanced and trued, even though there has been some tire material removed! After having this done, the LH drove much smoother! Well worth doing this but sadly very few tire places are doing this! This place is going to be our tire store from now on (except if we have emergency blow out).

We were planning on leaving Old Town to go back to Jacksonville early in the afternoon, but since it was already past 4 pm we decided to stay in Old Town one more night.  

Gracie and Jerry wanted all of us to go out for supper at Bar-B-Q Bill’s in Chiefland, FL.
After supper we went to Walmart to find something for dessert, but there was not much selection to choose from. Went to Winn Dixie, across from Walmart, and got coconut creme pie.

Erwin, Gracie & Jerry at Bar-B-Q Bill's
The rest of the night we chatted and had a cup of coffee and a slice of coconut creme pie.  We always enjoy our time with Gracie & Jerry.

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