Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 7, 2015 - Old Town, FL to Jacksonville, FL

A crispy morning and we had few more hours to spend time with Gracie & Jerry. As usual there were more things we wanted to share before, but kept forgetting.

It was time to say good-bye to Gracie & Jerry.  We do miss them so much.  Thank you for your great hospitality.  We will see you again

It was a nice drive from Old Town, FL to Jacksonville, FL.  Nothing much exciting to tell y’all about the drive. 

It was after 2 pm when we arrived Jacksonville and went to Fleetwood RV Park on US 1. They had one spot left for daily use, so we got site #7A.  It includes electricity/water hookups and cable for $35 a night.  We reserved it for 3 nights. We do not watch TV, so we did not hook up the cable.  

We were pretty tired and did not go out for the evening.  We discussed about our house and what we needed to do to get some stuff out of the garage.  This is what we will have to do tomorrow morning.  

After we were done with supper we went out for a short walk around the campground.  We have to make it a habit to do it at least once every day. 

Then a good night’s rest is what we really needed because we will be busy tomorrow.

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