Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 20, 2015 - Micanopy, FL & Gainesville, FL

It was so nippy this morning.  We tried to conserve water usage, so we used the bathhouse to shower.

The laundry hamper is bulging at the seams, so it is laundry time.  After checking the map for laundromat locations we chose Don’s Coin Laundry in Gainesville, FL. 

There are cranes in several places, so the city is growing and growing.  Lots of scooters around because University of Florida campus is so huge that you will need transportation to go from one class room building to another building.

It was easy finding the laundromat.  Well maintained and clean, but it did not offer free Wifi service.  Edith took the Jeep and went to Starbucks that is about a mile away. 

Edith edited two travel blogs and added pictures, then published one blog.  She went back to the laundromat and Erwin was just about done with folding clothes and sheets.  

We debated about visiting Devil’s Millhopper that is about 3 miles away, but we decided to visit it another time when the weather is much cooler.  

On our way back to the campground we stopped at Home Depot because we really need a good air blower for cleaning debris off while camping.  Erwin decided on Ryobi hybrid that can use either battery or electric.

Looking for hinges
New blower but after using it found it is very quiet,
 but does not have enough power.
Edith suggested to get the sub at Publix for lunch, then go to Starbucks, so Edith can finish and publish one more travel blog.

On US 441 Erwin spotted an underpass that is covered with graffiti.  An easier way for people to get from one place to the other side without worrying about traffic. We pulled into a parking lot nearby and Edith walked over to it to get pictures.

There were few vintage motel signs, but those two were what we saw on our way back to the campground.

From the parking lot we turned right onto Museum Road to the Bat House, a famous attraction on University of Florida campus.  There are two Bat Houses and they are fenced in.  By the time we walked about 1/8 of the way Erwin started to smell the aroma of feces and urine from the bat houses. The smell got stronger and stronger the closer we approached to them. It brought back memories of Erwin's childhood home that had bats in the attic. He remembers nightly episodes of chasing bats that would enter the house and fly around, he and his family all would grab flyswatters and get some exercise. When we returned to the jeep, Edith said "I still smell bats”!  Erwin told her that the smell is probably from her shoes after walking on the droppings close to the Bat House. Ewww!!!

Field of flowers next to the Bat Houses!
We made few stops while enrouted to Paynes Prairie.  We have never seen so many BLUE and ORANGE colors all over the town. Even the street signs are in blue and orange!!!  The city buses, too!!!

Shands Medical Helicopter
 the air rescue and critical care transport system for Shands at UF

Edith was planning on fixing tacos for supper, but Erwin wanted goulash and that was an easy fix.

Edith remarked that the sunset is going to be an interesting one because of the puffy clouds.  She got her camera gear ready. Erwin did not want to tag along.  The sunset time was 6:54 pm and Edith wanted to be at Paynes Prairie Preserve area at least half hour before.  When she got to the desired spot she took out her camera and started shooting.  Ahhhh!!! The memory card WAS NOT in the camera. She left it at “home”.  

She lead footed on her way back to the entrance of the campground, slowed down to the posted speed limit.  Sweats started to roll down because she did not want to miss the sunset.  Ran into LH, got the memory card and went back in the Jeep.

No lead footing while inside the state park, but once she got on US 441 the speed indicator hit 70 mph!  She made it 10 minutes before the sunset.  CLICK CLICK...
Whew…  She waited for the civil colors (usually 8-15 minutes after the sunset), but there were not much colors, so she left.

Erwin was still “nursing” his right side, but he decided to modify the bottom drawer in the living area.  It was a drawer, but is limited in space and Erwin wanted to remove the drawer part and used hinges on the door front so now there is a deep space where the drawer used to be to put our cache of wine bottles. We have 10 bottles of wine in there now and there is room for 8 more! :)  We like drinking wines occasionally.

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