Sunday, July 30, 2017

May 10, 2017 - Fort Hall, ID to Three Forks, MT

Even though the weather was beautiful and perfect for our short morning outing before checking out of the RV park we decided not to visit Pocatello, ID and Blackfoot, ID because it would mean arriving Three Forks, MT very late in the afternoon.  Besides that, I had to make a videophone call to my bank to have them check on one transaction that was not made by me.  The bank advised me to wait until tomorrow morning to call again because the transaction was still pending.

We left Fort Hall Casino/RV Park at 10:45 am. We got on I-15 North toward Idaho Falls, ID, and from there we exited to get on Highway 20 toward Rexburg, ID.  On Highway 20 we pulled into a parking area at Mt Two Top area, south of Harriman State Park, to have lunch. 
We took Route 87 from Highway 20, then Highway 287 toward Three Forks, MT. The drive was very lovely. The snowcapped mountains delighted our eyes, and we knew we were home!
It was at 3:15 pm when we pulled into Town & Pump Gas Station on Highway 287, so we can unhook the Jeep before we head over to Keri and Dustin’s house.  Erwin had no trouble parking our Lil’ Home at the property.

It was good to see Keri, Dustin and their six children again. It had been 5 months that we were away from here, but it felt like it was over a year.  

Tonight the full flower moon was beautiful, presented a nice color of pink.  It rose above the mountains, making it a perfect background for photography.


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