Thursday, July 6, 2017

April 19, 2017 - Mesa, Peoria & Phoenix, AZ

The weather app notified us that the temperature today was going to be 6˚ warmer than yesterday. 

On our way to Mesa, AZ we stopped at Triple A office to get a map of the northwestern states and travel brochure for our trip in June.

We met with deaf Minnesotans for lunch at Golden Corral at 11 am.  Over 30 Minnesotans along with friends/spouses were present.  After lunch there were speeches, storytelling, etc.  
Ernie sharing information & news
Jim telling stories
Erwin's graduating classmates: Cheryl & Bunny
We had a plan to meet our friends in Peroia, AZ at 3 pm, but the traffic was jammed on 202 from Mesa to Phoenix City. It took us over 1 3/4 hours to get out.

Coletta was our college classmate at Gallaudet. Al graduated from Gallaudet in 1966. They used to live in Maryland, and after their retirement they moved to Arizona.  It was good to see them again.  After a good chat and a tour of their house we went out with them for dinner at Popo's Mexican restaurant.  The foods were great and the atmosphere was very interesting. Great company, too!
My entree
Erwin's Steak Quesadilla
Back to their house we looked through Gallaudet yearbooks, then we told them about our travel blog. Al wanted to follow our blog, so I bookmarked it for him in his computer.
Since we will spend winter months in Phoenix we will see Coletta and Al again. It was a very pleasant visit with them.

It was a long day for us because we left “home” at 9:30 am this morning and did not get back until after 9:30 pm!  However, we had an enjoyable day with friends.

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