Sunday, July 2, 2017

April 16, 2017 - Buckeye, AZ

Wenonah asked us to come over and have Easter breakfast at her house.  Then we helped Wenonah hide Easter eggs for Joseph and Clifford to hunt for them. Wenonah had to remind us not to put eggs in high places where Joseph cannot reach, so we placed them waist down.

Before Wenonah and the family were getting ready to leave for the church we went off to shop at Fry's Supermarket.  What a nice store it was!  They had special sale on Buy 6 Save $3 items and we picked up 18 items, so that saved us $9.

Maybe I should not pop up a question to Neil last night if he has ever been called in during church services.  Neil said it has not happened, but it could happen. Well, while he was at the church he received a text message that his service was needed. Oops!

Wenonah texted Erwin that she and the kids are back home from church and told us to come on over.

Neil arrived back in time for supper. He explained about the service he had to do at a pig farm.  

It was a pleasant evening with the family.  We thanked them for their great hospitality, and told them that we will look them up this winter when we will spend 2 months in Phoenix area. 
Wenonah, Joseph, Neil & Cliford
Erwin & Wenonah

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