Sunday, July 2, 2017

April 15, 2017 - Casa Grande, AZ to Buckeye, AZ

Erwin did the laundry while I was putting things away to get the Lil’ Home ready for the road trip to Buckeye, AZ.  

Two days ago we made a reservation to camp at Leaf Verde Campground in Buckeye, AZ.  This is close to where Erwin’s niece, Wenonah lives.  We will be visiting with the family for few days.

After leaving the campground we stopped at Circle K to get propane tank filled up. Afterwards we got diesel fill-up and were ready to hit the road.

We headed north on Pinal Ave (AZ-387) to meet I-10 West for Phoenix, AZ.  The roads were very bumpy. We exited at #167 (Riggs Road), then turned left and stayed on Riggs Road for 21 miles.  There was a vendor at the corner of an intersection selling wild shrimp and lobster tails.  How did they get them? There is no ocean here?!
There was a heavy traffic on Yuma Blvd after the exit, but at least it was not a parking lot, it moved pretty good, but slow.  We pulled into Leaf Verde RV campground 1:15 pm. After lunch we rested a bit before we went over to spend the rest of the day with Erwin’s niece, Wenonah and her family.  
Wenonah’s 21 month old son, Joseph had just woke up from his nap, was shy when he met us for the first time.  He started to warm up and came to play with Erwin. Wenonah’s husband, Neil, was still at work. He is a veterinarian.
Wenonah's son, Clifford,(Erwin's great nephew)
Joseph, Erwin's great nephew
Neil was back in time, before the supper was about to start.  Wenonah served beef brisket along with other side dishes, and the brisket was so tender and delicious. Wenonah used Rea Drummond’s (Pioneer Woman) recipe, and I will have to try that one day.

We spent the night telling stories about different places we had been to, showing them trip routes for this summer. Neil shared his experience with animal birthing, etc.


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