Thursday, July 13, 2017

April 25, 2017 - Sedona, AZ

We were up early this morning because we needed to be ready for the 8;30 am meeting with the timeshare.

Even though the clouds were so thick the view of the Camel Rock, as seen from our patio, was breathtaking. 

We walked to the preview center where the meeting was held at.  There were three other couples waiting to be called in.  Mason, the vacation counselor, greeted us, led us to the eating area where full course breakfast was served.  We then were seated outside in the back because it helped Erwin to be able to follow and understand the conversation without overhearing others’ conversation.  There was a brief update on the new reservation system.  The meeting was over at noon.
Daisy, my favorite flower
Los Abrigados Resort
There were lots and lots of rose bushes on the property
The Preview Center
After lunch we went out for a drive to check out some formations and viewpoints along Route 179 South. 

First stop was to visit The Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Roman Catholic church. We parked the Jeep at the base down below and got on the free shuttle that brought us to the top.  We did not know there was a parking area by the chapel. It was very very windy when we were approaching the Chapel.
The chapel is built into the buttes of the Red Rocks. The architect was Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a local rancher and sculptor. It cost $300,000 to build the chapel and it took 18 months to complete in 1956. The chapel has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Department of the Interior.  The interior was not as very fancy as other Catholic churches we had visited, but is beautiful in its own right.  The window in the back of the altar was so inviting.  
We went to Courthouse Vista, got off just to take a look around, then left.  We took a short hike at Bell Rock Vista, a .6 mile pathway, but we did not go all the way.  We decided to come back here early in the morning either Thursday or Friday. There is an interesting formation called Bell Rock, the shape that resembles a bell.
We checked out some resorts that we may want to stay at for future visits.  We wanted to check to be sure that one of them has an ample parking space for our Lil’ Home.  Only one of them has it.
We drove west to West Sedona to look for Coffee Pot formation. The sun was starting to set, so the colors of it were not as vibrant as it would be during the day.  We drove up to check out Sedona airport.  Sedona Airport Overlook is the best place for sunset photography; however, all parking spaces (only 12) were taken. There is a parking lot about a mile further, but there is an entry fee of $3.  We did not hang around very long.
Coffee Pot
Patty told us about the House of Seven Arches, also known as “Lucy’s House”.  On the balcony there is a “Lucy” mannequin. It was said that Lucille never lived in this house, but one of her relatives did.  Others said they had seen her in the house having parties,etc.  
While we were at the resort asking the concierge about places to visit he gave us a card for 20% off on meals at one of three restaurants.  We chose to dine at the Open Range Grill & Tavern.  We decided to order one order of fajitas with steak, chicken and shrimp.  The portion was plentiful, enough for 6 flour tortillas.  It was very tasty and we enjoyed every bite. The view of the mountain range was breathtaking.  We continued to watch it until the sun set and cast shadows on the mountains.
On the left is the Camel Rock and on the right is Snoopy Dog
Erwin did the laundry at the resort while I caught up on travel notes.  Tomorrow we will be riding on the refurbished train cars that leave from Clarksdale, AZ.  The train leaves at 1 pm and returns at 5 pm.  We got a great discount for two of us, saved $115. 


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