Saturday, July 8, 2017

April 20, 2017 - Phoenix, AZ

Erwin and I spent most of the day playing games and meeting old/new friends at the Phoenix Association of the Deaf, which is located on W. Osborn Road.
There were two separate games to choose to play.  Erwin decided to play poker and I joined Kings in the Corner game.  Rae taught me how to play this game last night, so I felt I was quite ready to take up the challenge, and I have to say it was fun!  Erwin did not make it to the finals, but he enjoyed playing poker.

There was a lunch break, so we had an opportunity to catch up on news with old friends we had not seen in years.  
Kings in the Corner
Lunch Break
Erwin, Judie, me, Jackie & Judy

Today was the last night we will spend in Phoenix; however, we have decided to come back and stay here for 2 months this coming winter.  While we wanted to get the same site we are on it is already booked by other deaf campers.  The lady at the office gave us a list of available sites and we drove around to check them out.  We decided on D23, a pretty level site and the front of our RV will face the north. We came back to the office, told the lady we wanted D23, and we put a one month deposit to reserve it.


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