Monday, July 24, 2017

April 30 2017 - Winslow, Twin Arrows, Flagstaff & Williams, AZ

We were up very early this morning, fixed lunches to go.  We left Grand Canyon KOA little after 7:30 am.  We had to wear windbreakers because it was 27˚.

The first attraction that Erwin wanted to see is about an hour drive east of here, so we wanted to get there early to go on a tour.  We got on I-40 West, went on it for 67 miles before taking Exit #233 for Meteor Crater.
Meteor Crater is a meteor impact crater that happened 37 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ.  The approximate age of the impact is 50,000!  The discovery of the crater was in the 19th century.   and it occured during the !  The diameter is .737 of a mile and the depth is 560 feet. 

Meteor Crater is privately owned by the Barringer family through the Barringer Crater Company.  The Visitor Center is on the north rim and has interactive exhibits, display gift shop, and observation decks. The admission for Seniors is $16 per person (regular rate is $18).  We informed the tour guide that we wanted close captions for the video.  “No problem, the video is close-captioned”, he replied.  Very accomodating

Before going to the theater we toured the Discovery Center, then went on a 1 mile guided tour.
Meteor Crater Visitor Center
1,406 pound meteorite found in the area
We swung by the abandoned western-themed attraction.  There are ruins, but in order to get a close look you will have to drive over a very rocky road and it is a one-lane road!  Vehicles with low clearance should not try to get on the road. 
We checked out Twin Arrows Trading Post that is abandoned, also.  There are two giant arrows lodging in the ground. The arrows are totally closed off behind concrete barriers, but if we park at the end of the barriers we can walk up to get a close look. We did not do that.  Not too far from the arrows is a depleted trading post and it has lots of graffitis.
We visited Walnut Canyon, a historic national monument that is located 10 miles southeast of Flagstaff, Arizona.  The rim elevation is 6,690’ and the bottom of the canyon is 350 feet lower.  President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Walnut Canyon a national monument on November 30, 1915.  Before it became a national monument the migrants and people from Flagstaff 
There are two trails: Rim Trail and Island Trail. The Rim Trail is a short, easy stroll while the Island Trail is a one-mile round trip that descends 185’ into the canyon.   There are over 20 ancient cliff dwelling rooms that were built by Sinagua Indians between the years of 1100 and 1250 that you can get a close look of.  It was really amazing to see how they were built.  The Indians chose this canyon because there are natural alcoves that were perfect for protecting the people from the wind/snow.  
To get to the Island Trail you will have to climb down 270 steps and it is not for the faint heart or those with physical limitations.  After you complete the loop you will have to climb up 270 steps!  Erwin and I had to take few breaks occasionally.   Oh, do bring several bottles of water!  Even though the weather was mild when we hiked we found ourselves drinking water quite often. The most important thing is to take your time walking and you will be fine.

We drove on the historic Route 66 to visit Flagstaff, AZ.  We forgot that today was Sunday and the town was very crowded.  We did not visit the historic downtown.  We might visit it this Tuesday when we leave Williams, AZ for Page, AZ.  There are murals throughout the town, but we saw only two of them.  We went to see Lumberjack Muffler Man.  It stands 10’ tall, hold a long handle ax with the tractor behind him. 
Flagstaff has a RV parking lot that was not too far from the train depot, so we went by to check it out. We may come visit Flagstaff this Tuesday, and if we do it is doable for us to leave our Lil’ Home and we take the Jeep to explore Flagstaff.

Both of us really had an enjoyable day, but our energies were drained.  Oh shoot!  I had to cook supper after we got back home.

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at Grand Canyon National Park.  I would love to be there before the sunrise, but the sun comes up at 5:37 am.  Maybe we can stay for the sunset.  It all depends on how we feel.


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