Friday, July 14, 2017

April 27, 2017 - Sedona, AZ

The morning was very pleasant in high 60’s.  A perfect day for hiking. 

We wanted to hike at a couple trailheads.  The first trail we went to was at Airport Loop. I was lucky to find one empty parking spot.  There are several trails to choose from at the base.  We chose to take the short route to Sedona View and Summit Trail.  I have to tell you that the trail was not as flat or smooth.  It was VERY rocky and to get to the top was via a very steep trail!  All these did not matter anymore after we were greeted with the breathtaking view of the Red Rocks range.  There we took our sweet time absorbing the beauty and we stayed there for about half an hour. 

Me pointing at Bell Rock Formation

After leaving the Airport Loop we checked into the Visitor Center at the corner of State Route 89A and Airport Road to get information on other trails.  

We went to Munds Wagon Trail, a historic cattle route, in the Schenebly area.  It is a 4 mile one way trip and the difficulty is easy; however, the elevation gain is 1,100 feet.   It is also a popular destination for Jeep tours.  Erwin did not want to hike any further, so he found a lovely spot to sit and rest.  I continued on for less than 1/4 of a mile before I turned around to go back.  There were off-road bicyclists getting ready to go on the trail as I walked back.


It was already past noon and we were getting hungry.  We came back to the resort to fix lunch and to rest a bit before going out again.

We felt refreshed and were content after lunch that we were all ready to go check other places.  We got on Dry Creek Road from 89A to look at some famous formations: Cockscomb,  It was at Bear & Doe Mountain Trail that Erwin pulled out a folding chair, sat down to rest and to admire the beauty around him.  I went out for a short hike.

At the end of the paved road on Forest Road 152C is ideal for off-roading and not suitable for regular cars and low clearances.  We drove on it for about a mile before we turned around to go back.

Red Rock Loop is a 8 mile scenic drive (upper and lower). It is paved, but the pullouts or scenic overlook are dirt.  There is a state park off Red Rock Loop, but we did not go in.  It is $10 per vehicle.  At one pullout there is a good spot to look at and admire the Cathedral Rock, one of the most famous formations in Sedona.


It was already past 4 pm, and Erwin started to feel sleepy and tired. Back at the resort Erwin took a power nap while I looked over pictures that I took today.  So many good shots and I am mighty excited.

We were in mood for pizza and we had a 20% off coupon to one of three restaurants in Uptown Sedona.  We went to Sedona Pizza, chose to dine outside.  We had a 13” wood fired pepperoni pizza and caprese salad.  The pizza was so delicious that we ordered a second one! There was none left on the second pizza pan!  Serious!!!  The best tasting pizza we have had in a long while.

Does he look mean enough?
We have not decided what we will do tomorrow. It will be our last day for sightseeing or hiking before we leave Sedona for Williams, AZ Saturday morning.


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