Tuesday, August 1, 2017

May 11-28, 2017

May 11 - A day of resting and spending time with Keri and the family. 

May 12 - The older girls wanted to make stuff for Mother's Day. I took Sasha, Nikkol and Zella to shop at stores in Bozeman, MT.  I decided to try the washable markers designed for coloring/drawing on windows or glass.
Hunter wanted to use washable markers on
sliding door.  He was mighty proud of his
art work
I love how the dark/grey clouds roll over
 May 13 - The older kids got busy making stuff for Mother's Day.  Sasha wanted to make cupcakes, but wanted to make a cupcake flower bouquet and needed a large styrofoam ball and a ceramic pot. Michael's had some stuff Sasha needed, but we had to go to Target to get the rest.  She got an idea after watching YouTube tutorial. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMXnbjvNCI4)
The kids at work
Adorable kittens
The one on the left was my favorite. I was so
tempted to buy it, but decided not to.
Sasha getting the cupcake flower bouquet set up
Ta da! It was not that hard!
May 14 - We, along with Keri and Dustin, went out for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day at 14 North Steakhouse in Bozeman, MT.  The atmosphere was great and the service was swift. 
Early morning
Erwin playing with Kalista, a darling 2 year old girl
Love the way she smiled
Dustin & Keri
May 15 - Keri and I spent few hours shopping in Bozeman, MT while Erwin took our Lil' Home to MCM Maintenance & RV Repair in Belgrade, MT for oil/filter service. 
Victory Taco Airstream
Victory Taco is a fast food restaurant that sells beef/fish tacos,
burritos and ice cream
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put
up with the rain." ~Dolly Parton
May 17 - I went with Keri and her four girls on a trip to Van Nuys, CA. Our stopover was in Las Vegas, and we spent the night at Keri's Uncle Jason's place.
It snowed in Island Park, ID
May 18 - I, along with Keri and the girls, hit the road for Van Nuys, CA.  Keri had read so much about Creme & Sugar store in Anaheim, CA that makes unusual ice cream drinks and wanted all of us to go there.  

Afterwards, we checked into Airtel Plaza Hotel and Conference Center where the West Coast Fabulous Face pageant was held at.
That is my drink!  HUGE, but it was SO delicious that I finished
it so fast!
Almost as big as my face!
Keri and the girls enjoying their drinks
Kalista got a bit of her drink on her pretty face!


May 19 - Airtel Hotel is right next door to the historic Van Nuys airport; therefore, has a blend of aviation history, small airplanes hanging in the ceiling, some airplane parts throughout the hotel.
Terese, the hair.make-up artist, getting Kalista prettied
up before her "out of choice" routine
May 20 - West Coast Fabulous Faces Pageant
Keri getting Kalista dressed up for her
upcoming beauty routine.
Keri and Kalista
I could not help, but smile at her.  She was really
beautiful in her swimwear outfit
Zella after her beauty routine
 After the pageant was over the girls
went swimming
The girls had fun swimming.  They deserved it after their
hard work at the pageant
Zella's two awards: Miss May for 2018 Calendar
and Runner-up for Back Cover of the program book
May 21 - After the crowning was over we left Van Nuys, CA, stopped to have lunch at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner in Yermo, CA.  It is an original roadside diner that was built in 1954.  Homemade foods, 50;s music, 5 & 10 store, old fashioned ice cream, malts, sundaes and more.  We spent the night at Keri's Uncle Jason's place in Vegas.
Kalista knows how to melt my heart with her
beautiful eyes and lovely smile!
The Crowning Moment
May 22 - After breakfast with Uncle Jason we hit the road back home. It was a beautiful day and the drive through Canyonlands was awesome...
Driving through Canyonlands via I-15
May 23
The country road that we love
Ice Cream and her kittens

May 24 - Nothing special today
May 26 -Keri and Dustin were out of town and we looked after the kids for the weekend.
Hunter loves playing with cars, and was happy
when we got him a new one
Hunter loves spending time outside, and it was
a perfect day for him to stay out.
Then the stormy clouds started to roll in. 
Falling rain not yet reaching the ground!

 May 27 - Dustin suggested that we and the kids go out for a ride to Gardiner, MT for its annual Yellowstone Horse Roundup.  When we got into Gardnier there were many vehicles parked alongside the road, but we went up the mountains and found a place to park.  It was after 12:30 when the horses were on the road from the pen up to the mountains.  
Yellowstone Mountains




 May 28 - Erwin and I were busy getting our Lil' Home ready for the epic road trip up north from here.  Next stop will be at Shelby. MT to spend one night before entering Canada.

Good Night, Sun... See you tomorrow!


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