Sunday, July 30, 2017

May 9, 2017 - Payson, UT to Fort Hall, ID

We slept in this morning. We were not in a hurry to hit the road. Phoebe served us breakfast and we chatted for several hours before hitting the road at 1 pm.  

Phoebe told us about the back road to take, so we went on it to get to I-15 N. Beautiful snowcapped mountains along the interstate.  It will probably be in early June that the snow will melt.  Traffic was not bad after going through several cities including Salt Lake City, UT.
Erwin started to feel tired and hungry, so we pulled into parking area, south of Ogden, UT,  to eat lunch. While on a break Erwin made a call to Fort Hall Casino/RV Park to see if they have an available campsite for us, and they said they have it and put us on the list.  After lunch I took over the driving, drove for over 40 miles, so Erwin can rest a bit.
We pulled into Plymouth, UT to get diesel fill-up.  At that time Erwin was feeling better and ready to take over.

We made it to Idaho State line at 5 pm.  80 more miles to Fort Hall, ID where we will spend the night.
We arrived Fort Hall Casino/RV Park in Fort Hall, ID at 6:30 pm.  They had already assigned us to B2 site that is close to the casino.  Before pulling into the site we had to unhook the Jeep, so Erwin can get the Lil’ Home in a rather tight space.  There were next door campers sitting on the lawn right next to our site.  I had to ask them to please move to a better location, so we can get in/get out of the LH.  One female camper, with a disgusted look on her face, resented my request and said “Do I have to move?”.  I just stood there and said nothing, and she got the hint, moved her chair further away.  Some campers have no RV etiquette.

After settling down we went to Fort Hall Casino building to register for the campsite. Regular nightly rate is $27, but with Good Sam discount it came down to $22.50.  

After supper we went out for a walk around the campground.  The sun was setting while the almost full moon was rising.  Tomorrow night it will be a full moon.  The sunset was very beautiful.
Sky hook holding up the moon!
We did not go inside the casino tonight because we did not have enough cash on hand and wanted to save it for tomorrow’s trip to Three Forks, MT

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