Monday, July 10, 2017

April 22, 2017 - Jerome & Prescott Valley, AZ

Erwin and I were late risers, slept past 9 am. We decided not to fix breakfast or lunch because we want to eat out in Jerome, AZ.

The drive on scenic road toward Jerome was gorgeous.  So many and many switchbacks!  I don't think our Lil' Home can make it.  There were turnouts that you can pull out to take a view.
Jerome, AZ was founded in the late 19th century.  The elevation is more than 5,000’ above the sea level.  It was a copper mining town, and was home to over 10,000 people during the peak.  After the exhaustion of the ore deposits the mines closed, and the population was 100 or less.  The town and the locals made an effort to save the town, turned it into tourism.  Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1967.  Now the town has restaurants, wineries, art galleries, gift shops, and many more.  Current population is about 450.

Sharon and Elmer advised us to go past the firehouse station where there is a large free parking lot and take the shuttle to the town, so we did that.  It was not long before the shuttle van showed up and the driver pointed out interesting attractions on the way.  He suggested two restaurants for breakfast. 
We chose The Mine Cafe and it is .  Erwin had The Stockyard (three scrambled eggs with bacon, chicken, sausage, onions & shredded cheese and sourdough toast) and I had apple spinach salad (spinach, grapes, apples, candied walnuts, dried apricots & goat cheese with house made poppyseed dressing). 

We then strolled around the ghost town of Jerome.  At Raku Gallery my eyes were on a metal print of Cathedral Rock. I told myself that I had to have it, but wanted it in a smaller size.  I called the lady over and asked her about the size. She was not sure, but said she will contact the photographer.  Erwin left his text # with her, so she can call him with more information after talking to the photographer.

The large building with archways is the former Daisy
Hotel. Miners stayed there during the boom time of
copper mine. It is now a private residence


Patrick Lincoln posing with his photo
Erwin decided to buy the catcus photo and had Patrick
autograph on the back of the photo
The photographer said I can have it for $40
less than the advertised price, so it is mine!
There were lots of motorcyclists arriving in town. There is an event going on in the hall.  
It was around 3:30 pm when we took the shuttle back to the parking lot.  We checked out Jerome State Historic Park. The museum closes at 5 pm, and we arrived around 4 pm.  There is an entrance fee, and we decided not to go in today.  We will be staying in Sedona for 5 days next Monday and we may come visit Jerome again.

We went to Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town. There is a fee to go in. We decided to hold it until another time. There is an outdoor museum of old cars, trucks, machinery, etc.  

Both of us were little exhausted and were ready to go back “home”.  I sat in the back, took videos of the ride on 89A with switchbacks.

After supper I went out to look for a spot to get sunset pictures.  I got off at one exit, but then realized that the view was not good, so I got back on the freeway. Because I wasted time getting off at the wrong exit I missed the setting sun, but the civil colors were pretty.


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