Thursday, July 27, 2017

May 5, 2017 - Page, AZ to Kanab, UT

Last night we discussed and agreed to leave Wahweap RV Park no later than 9 am tomorrow morning.  It takes over an hour from here to Kanab, UT, our next destination.

We were greeted with the sun shining brightly and the sky oh so blue.  I would love to see some puffy clouds, but there were none.
We left Wahweap RV Park at 8 am (Arizona time), got on Highway 89 for Kanab, UT. We enjoyed our stay at the campground and won’t mind camping there again.  Yes, little pricey for our budget, but we can spoil ourselves sometimes… Right?
Lake Powell
Highway 89 road was good all the way and there was not much traffic.  The mountain view was lovely to look at.
Yesterday Erwin called two RV parks in Kanab, UT, but both did not have available sites. One of them recommended Erwin to call Crazy Horse RV Park, which he did. It has few available sites, so Erwin went ahead and reserved one site for two nights.    

Crazy Horse RV Park is on Highway 89, few miles from the town center.  It has 75 sites and has full hookups with either 30 or 50 amps. We got site #71 with a nice view of the mountains.  Next door, looking to the north, is Kanab Cemetery.  It is going to be an easy walk for Edith to check out some tombstones.

Nice view of the mountain from our campsite
We picked up information and maps for Bryce, Zion, Grand Staircase Escalante and others at Bureau of Land Management Visitor Center on Highway 89.  The ranger suggested us to visit Zion first thing tomorrow morning then to Bryce.  She also suggested us to go on Scenic Byway 12, but it is a 115 mile one way.
Since we did not plan on visiting national parks today we visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  The state park was founded in 1963, has a trail, campground, off0road vehicle driving  The dunes are formed from the erosion of pink colored Navajo Sandstone that are around the park.  
Back to Highway 89 going north we checked out the Rock Shop in Orderville, UT.  A vast collection of rocks, stones, glasses, etc.  Beautiful collection inside the store.  
Before we reached Kanab this morning there was a billboard advertising German Bakery & Restaurant in Orderville.  It was around 3:15 pm when we decided to go to the bakery to buy baked goods, but most of the good stuff were already gone.  We picked up one apple turnover and one red currant pastry.  Both were very delicious and I forgot to take pictures of them. :-(
Of course, I stepped on the brake when I saw the sign “Cemetery”, turned right and went straight ahead.  Glendale Cemetery is in Glendale, UT.  It has some historic tombstones, is fairly well maintained.  
At the intersection of Highway 89 and Glendale Bench Road there was a large yard filled with antique vehicles.  If I was not pressing against time to visit other places I would stay and walk through the vehicle graveyard.
We went on Glendale Bench Road, partially unpaved road to get to Johnson Canyon Road.  The view from Glendale Bench to Johnson Canyon Road was pretty, but once we reached Johnson Canyon Road we kept signing “wow”, “oh my goodness”, ‘awesome’ and so on.  A great scenic drive for sure!  On the left side of the road is Grand Staircase Escalante that displays colorful cliffs and unusual formations.  There are old Western remnants on a private land that was used for the TV show “Gunsmoke”.


We came back to Crazy Horse RV Park feeling satisfied about our day trip.  After supper, while Erwin was reading a book I walked to the cemetery next door to check out some tombstones.


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