Saturday, July 1, 2017

April 13, 2017 - Tucson, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ

We were up very early. We thought it was past 9 am, but it was 7:15 am.  The sun was already shining above the mountains.

We stayed around a while, so I can finish uploading pictures for the blog.  After the post was published we left BLM at 9:45 after a delay with getting the leveling jacks to complete retracting.  It took longer than usual, and we will need to have service on them.

Leaving BLM we turned left on Ajo Way (86) and got on I-10 North. There were lots of flatbed trucks going both ways.  There was a brief construction, but the traffic kept moving.

We drove past the Picacho Peak. It is between Tucson and Casa Grande.  While traveling along 1-10 you can’t miss the 1,500’ peak of Picacho Peak. There is a state park within that area.

We got off at exit #198 from I-10 to go to Casa Grande RV Resort & Cottages on W. Rodeo Road.  It is rated 10/10/9.5 by Good Sam Club.  The campground is huge, but there is not much shades.  

Brenda, the receptionist, was very friendly and helpful.  It took her a long while to complete our transaction. She let us know that the computer was slow and claimed that it was not her fault 😀  We were assigned to site #322 for 2 nights ($34.69)

 We unhooked the Jeep after leaving the office. I then drove to site #332, immediately did not like it when I saw it.  After Erwin parked the Lil’ Home in we realized that we won’t be able to use the living/dining room slideout because the flowering bush was too close. Also, the picnic pad was in a very bad shape.  I went to the office to complain and Brenda said we can move to whatever site we wanted.  We moved to #331, next door.

We visited the historic Casa Grande downtown, strolled about.  There are several murals, some easy to find, others not.  However, I was satisfied with what I found
At the campground there is a large recreation room that has shelves and shelves of books, games and puzzles. Erwin found a couple paperbacks to take home. He left a few there before he left.

It was a very relaxing and peaceful evening. The sunset was lovely.  

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