Sunday, July 16, 2017

April 29, 2017 - Sedona, AZ to Williams, AZ

Today is the day we check out at Los Abridgados Resort & Spa.  Our next destination is Williams, AZ.

While it was still too early to check out of the suite Erwin did the laundry and I took our stuff back to our Lil' Home that was parked very far from the suite.

We left Sedona, AZ at 11:30 am, got on AZ-179 South to meet I-17 North since SR 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff has sharp switchbacks and any vehicles over 50’ long are not allowed on this route. We stopped at Chevron in Oak Creek, AZ to get diesel fill-up because the diesel prices are much higher in Williams, AZ.
Traffic back-up on the other side
We continued driving on I-17 North until we exited to get on I-40 West.  The right lane on I-40 was in bad condition while the left lane was smooth. When there was no vehicles in back of us we moved over to the left lane, but moved back to the right lane when there is an incoming vehicle.  We took an exit from I-40 to get on AZ-64 to go to Grand Canyon KOA, 6 miles north of Williams, AZ.  
Grand Canyon KOA is about 65 miles south of Grand Canyon National Park.  We were assigned to #68 with electric/water hookups.  The site was not level, so we used boards under front tires.  After getting things settled we left to go visit Williams, AZ, the gateway to Grand Canyon.

It was still cold and windy, and we had to get windbreakers on to keep warm. That was to be expected with the elevation at 6,766’.

Williams, AZ, founded in 1881, is one of spots along the historic Route 66 highway.  It is also known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”. Williams was the last town on Rt 66 to be bypassed by an interstate.  The town was named after William “Old Bill” Williams, a mountain man and trader.   It was said that gambling and prostitution were legal in one certain area until 1907. 
The Gateway to Grand Canyon Sign
Yeah, it was very windy!
The town has inns, restaurants, motels, gift stores,etc that cater tourists.  There are lots of Route 66 sings and memorabilia throughout the town.

We checked into Visitor Center to get information on attractions in/near Williams.  The volunteer showed us the map of places to visit, gave us advice on routes to take after leaving Page, AZ (we will visit it soon).  

There is an historical marker with signs and train display along Rt 66. 

The statue of William “Old Bill” Williams is at Bill Williams Monument Park.  Old Bill was born in 1787 in North Carolina.  He spent most of his years living in the wilderness.  He died in 1849. The town, the river and a mountain were named after him.

We walked along the stores on the historic Route 66, stopped to check out few famous attractions.  

We have not decided what places to visit tomorrow: Flagstaff or Grand Canyon.  I would love to be at Grand Canyon before the sunrise, but the sun rises at 5:37 am!  It takes about an hour to drive from KOA to Grand Canyon.  I don’t think we can be up this early, but we will see.


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