Tuesday, July 25, 2017

May 1, 2017 - Grand Canyon South Rim & Williams, AZ

We got up early enough to get head start for Grand Canyon (GC), AZ. We wanted to be there before 9 am to avoid the crowd.  

The weather app called for low 27˚ and high 67˚.  We brought windbreakers along just in case it gets cold in GC.  

The last time Erwin visited GC was in 1968 and I in 1973.  We were anxious to see how much GC has changed since then.  We had read about new restrictions, and there are shuttle buses to transport visitors from one spot to another.  Back in old days you could drive your vehicle along the rim, pull over to admire the canyon view.  Now you cannot do that.  

The drive from Williams, AZ to GC was good, not much traffic.  We arrived South Rim GC entrance station at 8:45 am.  The entrance fee has been raised from $25 to $30 for vehicles.  We have Eagle Pass to National Parks, so it did not cost us anything.  

South Rim Entrance Gate
South Rim GC is open all year round.  The elevation is about 7,000 feet above sea level. The GC is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and the depth is over one mile (6,093 feet).

Even though it was little hazy in the morning the view of the canyons were gorgeous.

We parked the Jeep at Lot #2 at GC Visitor Center area.  The Visitor Center was locked and not open until 9 am, so we started our hike along the rim at Mather Point.
So happy to be here!
Yavapai Observation Station
Shuttle Bus that will transport you to several stops
Inside the Visitor Center
Having lunch right there with a great view of the canyons
Bull Elk
At Grandview Point
Tusayan Museum highlighting the story of
American Indians of the region
These rooms were living quarters with 3 or 4 main rooms
The kiva in the background
It was a ceremonial room
Desert View Watchtower
It is a small settlement located 25 miles east of
GC Village. 
Inside the Watchtower



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  1. Beautiful! So you can hike rim without bus tour?
    Was all Native American museum/site, part of tour or on your own? Rick does not plan on getting on a bus if we go, lol!