Wednesday, July 12, 2017

April 23, 2017 - Prescott, Mayer, Dewey Humboldt & Prescott Valley, AZ

Erwin and went to Prescott, AZ to have breakfast with Sharon, Elmer, Rick and his wife, Valerie at Lake Spur CafeI had not seen Rick since my graduation from Gallaudet College.  His brother, Ron, was in the same year with Erwin and I at Gallaudet. 

The town center of Prescott was already filled with many cars early in the morning, but we were able to find an empty spot not far from the restaurant.

Lone Spur Cafe has geniune cowboy stuff, offers great, hearty cowboy meals. It is a very popular dining place in the town, so the place gets packed quickly once the door is open. 

The line was getting long for an available table. We had so much fun chatting, laughing etc, but we did not want to stay here too long. Sharon suggested that we go to her favorite coffee shop, not too far from here.
We followed Sharon and Elmer to Wild Iris Coffee on S. Granite Street.  The coffee shop is locally owned and operated a block away from the famous Whiskey Row.  It offers coffee, tea, pastries, desserts. and light lunch.  There is a nice secluded courtyard.  After ordering drinks we all went to the courtyard to enjoy the mild weather. 

We had so much fun spending time with the fabalous people, but it was time for us to say so long and hit the road. We will see them again this coming winter.
Rick & Valerie
Sharon & Elmer
Erwin, me, Rick, Valerie, Sharon & Elmer
There was one place I had to stop at to take pictures of the mural that was not too far from Wild Iris.  |Prescott's first community infused and democratically elected 1400' long  mural  The "Art for All" was done by  R.E. Wall, Margaret Dewar and mosiac artist Mary Schulte of Prescott, Arizona.  The mural celebrates Prescott's art history and the role it plays in the lives of its citizens today.  It was dedicated on September 15, 2007.
This afternoon we made several stops..  One was to check out motorcycles that have side cars at a motorcyle dealership.  We had been talking about getting one, but we do not want to give up the Jeep.
Next visit was to check out Smitty's Big Barn Antiques in Mayer, Arizona.  It was this place that Mike and Frank of "American Pickers' stopped by to check the store out.  There are so many old items that brought back our memories when we were kids.  There were few things we had never seen before.  I was floored when I saw a room filled with old cameras. However, it was off limit and none of the cameras was for sale.  I walked to the register and asked if I could come in the room to take close look.  The guy obliged and let me in.  It triggered my memory when he handed me the Brownie camera with the big flash.  I had one when I was a teenager.
My aunt had one like this
Nobody is answering!
Cameras, cameras, everywhere!!!
The one on the right was what I had

We drove through the town of  Dewey-Humboldt, found an old church and a cemetery.  There were few delapitated buildings. 
We  spent the rest of the day cleaning up the Lil' Home, so it will be ready for the road trip to Sedona, AZ tomorrow morning.


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