Saturday, July 1, 2017

April 14, 2017 - Casa Grande, AZ

It was not so hazy this morning and was cooler than yesterday.  

After filling up the Jeep we hit the road to Coolidge, AZ to spend the morning visiting Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, a 20 mile drive from the campground.

While driving on Highway 387 toward Coolidge there were thousands and thousands of of Saguaros on both sides. Some of them so so tall and some of them in detoxifying shapes. It was indeed a nice drive along the way.

Casa Grande Ruins is a national monument. For more than 50 years, the multistory Casa Grande has stood as a landmark in the Sonoran Desert.  It was abandoned around 1450.  Ancient Pueblo Peoples Hokokam structures were preserved.  Casa Grande means "Great Houses".  Petitions were made to the government to start repair work.  One square mile of Arizona terriority including the Casa Grande ruins was established as the first prehistoric and cultural reserve in the United States.

Casa Grande Ruins is a national monument and there is a fee to visit the ruins. 

We went to the town of Coolidge to have lunch at Tag’s Cafe. It was ranked #1 in the area. 
My lunch
Erwin's lunch
 Not too far from Tags is an interesting motorycle/tattoo place called Jugs & Strokers. This place was awesome
We drove around the town before heading back to the campground.  There was not much things to see or do.


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