Sunday, July 9, 2017

April 21 2017 - Phoenix, AZ to Prescott Valley, AZ

We had two hours to get the Lil’ Home ready for the move.  We will miss our deaf friends at Phoenix Metro RV Park, and we really enjoyed our time in Phoenix area. We need to keep going because we want to be in Canada the first week of June.  We have three more states to visit before Canada: Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

After bidding old/new friends farewell we left Phoenix Metro RV Park at 9:45 am.  We got on I-17 North and continued on it for 45 miles.
Our Lil' Home reached 40,000 miles on way to Prescott
Valley from Phoenix

We pulled into Fairgrounds RV Park at 11:20 am, got site #49.  We are staying here for 3 nights ($17.50 each night with Passport America discount).
Fairgrounds RV Park is at the base of the Mingus Mountain range north of Prescott, AZ.  Just over the mountain range is Jerome, the old mining and ghost town.
The leveling jacks would not cooperate again after several tries.  Erwin called in mobile RV service  It was less than 45 minutes before Dennis, the Big Guy, showed up and started troubleshooting the problem.  After about an hour of figuring it out Dennis finally got the jacks to work. 
Feeling relieved that the jacks were working we wasted no time in going to Prescott for sightseeing.  We walked up/down the block called the Whiskey Row, checked out some old saloons.  The Whiskey Row street is famous because of the large number of saloons.

The Marshall
Come on in
Muffler Man - Big Johnson
He used to have a rifle in his hands
at Courthouse
Before arriving Prescott we contacted our friends, Sharon and Elmer to get together while we are in town. They suggested to have dinner at Maya Mexican restaurant on S. Montzumea, a hole in the wall establishment. It was wonderful to see Sharon and Elmer.  We saw Sharon at DeafNation Expo in Las Vegas last year summer.  We had not seen Elmer in years.   
 The dining room is small, but there was a corner table where we sat at. There were only four booths and 4 tables.  The foods we had were authentic and we enjoyed every bite of it.  So so good that I forgot to take pictures of the foods and the company.
After supper we followed Sharon and Elmer to their house, so we can chat some more. Elmer loves woodworking, so does Erwin and the men went off in the garage.  Tea, coffee and cookies were served.  We had a pleasant evening with them, did not leave the house until after 10 pm.

It was very cool when we got back to the RV Park.  We could see millions of stars out there because where we were the area is very dark and did not have much city lights.

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