Sunday, July 2, 2017

April 17, 2017 - Buckeye, AZ to Phoenix, AZ

I had the alarm clock on to wake me up before the sunrise, but I was already up before it went off.  I went outside to check to see what the weather was like, but the sun was hiding behind the clouds.  Not good! 

While Erwin was asleep I made calls to two campgrounds to reserve for this week and weekend.
Leaf Verde RV Resort Office
We left Leaf Verde campground at 9:30 am. We took I-10 West, and the roads were smooth.  From I-10 W we got on Loop 303 North to Exit #125 (Happy Valley Parkway), turned right to get on Happy Valley Parkway. 

Phoenix Metro RV Park is on Black Canyon Parkway, one way street, so we had to go past it on I-17 S to exit, then get on the side street going north.

We asked to be on a space next door to our friend, Rae, from Minnesota, but the “B” section was fully booked. We were assigned to D19, which is one row back from Rae.  After registration we were escorted by a guide.  The space was very leve, had full hookups. It was $33 a night after Good Sam 10% discount.

Rae was the first one to come over to greet us. It was so good to see her again. The last time we saw her was at Minnesota Deaf School's 150th anniversary in 2013.  She greeted us, told us about deaf events going on this week.  Rae is a very dear friend of Erwin’s older sister, Elaine,  They went to school together and were inseparable classmates.

After the completion of retracting leveling jacks the lights were still blinking for the right rear one.  Erwin tried everything to shut it off, but it would not.  He decided to call mobile RV service. The first one he called, they were fully booked.  We tried another number and they said they will be here in about an hour or so. Baker’s Mobile RV technical guy had a hard time figuring out why the blinking light would not shut off.  He called Atwood, the manufacturer and got instructions of how to "bypass" the problem. The service was done in about an hour or so. 
We were getting low on foods, so we went to Winco Foods. We were so surprised to know that there are Winco stores in Arizona.  Last year we shopped at Winco in Spokane Washington, loved the store.  
After supper we went up north of Phoenix to visit Dennis and Sharon. The sun was starting to go down when we were on the interstate and I had to find a place to pull over to get pictures of the sunset.  I managed to find a dead end street off the interstate.
It was good to see Dennis and Sharon again. When we were vacationing in Texas Sharon said it was okay with her to have our mails forwarded to her residence. So, we came to pick them up and to spend time chatting with them. Dennis and Sharon used to live in Maryland, and Sharon and Erwin went to same deaf school in Faribault, MN.

Sharon was giving me a tour while Dennis and Erwin were chatting, and we were out in the backyard.  We were in awe of the civil colors after the sunset. The pictures below were taken from Sharon's backyard.


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