Sunday, July 30, 2017

May 8, 2017 - Mona & Payson, UT

The sky darkened over the mountain ranges in the West. The weather app called for 20% chance of rain this morning. 
Phoebe was away when we were up.  I was out taking pictures of the mountains and the sky when Phoebe got back after dropping kids off at school.  

Phoebe served brunch before we three went out to visit Young Living farm in Mona, UT. Last night Phoebe's son told her that he thinks the egg he just collected may have double yolks because it was rather big. Sure enough, two yolks came out of an egg.
I was very interested in learning more about Young Living (YL) essential oils.  In the past I used Doterra, but found that YL essential oils seem to appeal to me more.  Erwin's nieces, Wenonah, Phoebe and Sarah, have been using them.

YL was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young, a former CEO and now a writer, is headquarterd in Mona, UT.   Donald Gary's wife, Mary Young is now CEO after he  resigned as CEO to pursue his other interests.  Visitors can come visit the farm anytime of the year. The best time to visit the farm is when lavender are ready to be harvested, processed and distilled between late July and mid- August.
Portrait of Doug and Mary Young
YL was harvesting juniper at the time of our visit.  The guide, Rena, took us on a tour, explained the procedure of harvesting and distilling.  She took us to the laboratory where oils are tested for purity.  
Juniper being pressed in a steamed container
After all the oils are extracted the juniper is removed
from the container and transported to a truck
Rena explained the procedure of pressing
We were led to the floor down below where essential oils
are being separated from water

Juniper Oil
Essential Oils kept cold and tested for purity
Rockingham Castle
Rockingham Castle where annual jousting
event is held at
Lavender Field
Taking a Percheron out for a walk
Mama and her foal
Braided Mane
Percheron Stable
Percheron Horseshoe is bigger than Erwin's hand!
Letting go of my sensibilities?

Young Living store
Phoebe explaining about Starter Kit with
12 essential oils
After getting back from the tour at YL Phoebe showed us how to make fresh mozzarella from scratch.  She uses Ree Drummond's recipe at Erwin loves having caprese salad because he is allergic to all kinds of lettuce.  The procedure was not that hard, easy to do.  I will have to try make it later during our travel. 
Here is your fresh mozzarella!
Erwin and I need haircut badly and decided to go to Great Clips in Payson, UT.  While on way to the town the train was stopped for a long while, and we waited like 15 minutes before we noticed some vehicles turning around and driving on a side road.  We followed them; however, the route was longer than the one we were one, but we wanted to get moving. 
Stopped Train
Erwin and Mary playing Parchessi
Phoebe and her family
Left: Sabrina, Joshua, Phoebe, Mary, CJ and Daniel
Phoebe & Erwin
Erwin complained about hearing the noise when driving
the Jeep, so CJ brought the Jeep in the garage to check and
see what the problem might be. 

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