Friday, July 28, 2017

May 7, 2017 - Kanab, UT to Payson, UT

Indeed a beautiful day for road tripping from Kanab, UT to Payson, UT.  We are spending few days visiting with Erwin's niece, Phoebe and her family.  

The drive was nice and peacefu along Highway 89.  It was not so bad on I-15 going north.  
Fool Creek Peak
Vehicle graveyard
Mount Nebo as seen from I-15
Pheobe had a space near her house that we could park our Lil' Home on.  It was good to see Phoebe and her children again. Phoebe's husband was still at work when we arrived.  The last time we saw Pheobe and her children was 2 years ago when we visited Phoebe's parents, who live not so far away.  

The view of snowcapped mountains in the back of Pheobe's home is gorgeous.  

As soon as we got settled Phoebe's youngest daughter, Mary wanted to play games with Uncle Erwin.  Erwin brought out wooden blocks called Jenga, a game for the kids to play.  He and Mary played few rounds, and Mary did very good at figuring out which blocks to take out without them tumbling down.
Mary and Uncle Erwin playing Jenga
Mary pulling out a block
Goat penned so she can be milked 
 Erwin and his nephew, Joshua
Daniel, Erwin's nephew
We spent the afternoon walking around the farm animals, learning about some things.  It was an interesting experience.
A very relaxing day and night.. So peaceful and quiet... Since we had no hookups we were lucky that the weather was cool tonight and we had the windows open during our night's sleep.


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