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December 5, 2016 -Amelia Island & Fernandina Beach, FL

The morning started out very cloudy when we were up.  After our breakfast it started to get sunny. Edith told Erwin she would like to go out for a ride and to check out some places.

The prettiest thing that our eyes feasted on at Fort Clinch State Park is the tree canopy road. About 8 miles of the beauty. We stopped at one of the overlooks to see Amelia Island Lighthouse across the water.  We went to the east end near the fort to check out the beach. It was deserted, had lots of shells.  
Amelia Island Lighthouse 
Tree Canopy
Fort Clinch
We drove through Amelia Island, FL, checked out to see what was new, what was torn down, etc. The produce stand, not too far from Harris Teeter supermarket, is not there anymore. Few years ago there was a controversy about building permit for that area.  Locals wanted the produce stand to stay, but apparently they lost.

Edith read about the Gingerbread Pirate Ship that was on display at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amelia Island and wanted to check it out. It was "docked" in the the lobby as we walked in from outside.  Beautifully crafted! It took 12 pastry chefs to make/shape the ship and characters.  It required 3,000 (3 THOUSAND) eggs and 300 lbs of shortening.  The chefs put in over 350 hours on the creation of the ship.  The vessel was 17' long and 12' high and is a tribute to the legends and lore of historic Amelia Island, ruled briefly by the privateer Luis Aury in the early 19th century.  Edible details include a gingerbread cannon armed with chocolate cannonballs, gingerbread pirates, plus a treasure chest overflowing with candied bounty.  

The Salt Shop that sells all kinds of salts

The greeter was in the lounge area when we walked in.  She was very gracious, explained to us about the gingerbread pirate ship display.  She told us that we are welcome to walk throughout the hotel and the courtyard.  There were many decorated trees in the halls.  We went outside to the courtyard where there is a tall tree that is right by the beach.  

We had lunch at Pepper's in historic Fernandina Beach downtown.  We chose to dine in the patio area since the weather was lovely and pleasant.  We were very pleased with what we ate.  
See how big the plate is!

Edith took a quick walk about 2 blocks long to get pictures while Erwin waited in the car.  His heel was still bothering him and he did not want to walk too much.  

Erwin wanted to check out love seats or recliners at some furniture stores. We wanted to get rid of the sofa bed that came with the Lil' Home when we bought it. It was very uncomfortable and the seating area was very narrow that you cannot sit on for long. We stopped at Zott's, saw one we liked, but the fabric color was not what we would like to get.  To order it with our choice of fabrics it would take 6-8 weeks.  No, we won't be around that long. Also, it was the price tag that would hurt our budget. We needed to keep looking around.
We went back to Fort Clinch State Park and rested for the rest of the afternoon and into the night.

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