Wednesday, February 1, 2017

December 6, 2016 - Jacksonville & Fernandina Beach, FL

The grey clouds werw moving by very fast.  There were puddles around the Lil' Home. Obviously, it rained last night while we were in the dreamland.

After looking up Tripadvisior app we wanted to go to Jack & Diane's in historic Fernandina Beach downtown for breakfast, but we were disappointed to find it closed on Tuesdays. While there Edith checked Tripadvisior app again to see where else we can go for breakfast in the neighborhood.  Next recommendation was Bright Mornings Restaurant, which was not too far from Jack & Diane's. It has an outdoor dining patio, but we chose to dine inside. The waiters were very friendly and courteous. Erwin had French Toast plate and Edith had the Small Bowl (two eggs any style, cheese grits and bacon).  We were pleased with the meals and the service, gave it 9 stars.
After breakfast we cruised around the town for a bit, stopped at Bank of America to withdraw cash. Edith wanted to go out for a ride, suggested to continue driving on A1A to Nassau Sound.  

At Nassau Sound there is a parking lot near the Fort George beach where we usually see ospreys perching on bare trees in the past.  Lo and behold, there were two ospreys!  Great Egret and Great Blue Heron were stalking near the beach. There was a large group of ibises scurrying around.
Praying to the Fish God
Great Egret
Great Blue Heron
We decided to check out William F. Sheffield Park in Northside area to see if there were bluebirds around.  There used to be so many of them when we first came to visit the park several years ago.  Today we did not see any.
Eastern Phoebe
Then we went to Port Jacksonville Parkway where there might be lots of birds and ducks.  Again, no luck, but we saw loggerhead shrikes on barbed wires or metal posts
Loggerhead Shrike
At the last minute we decided to drop by to visit our friends, so we crossed the Dames Point Bridge over St. Johns River to Arlington area.  Audrey and Harold saw our car pulling up to their driveway, could not figure out who might be coming to visit them. They had no idea who were coming to visit them and were very surprised to see us. We had a good chat with them for about two hours before we headed back to the campground.  
Dames Point Bridge
Jacksonville Skyline
On A1A going north we pulled over to check out White Shell Bait area. This place used to have a bait shop selling fresh baits for fishing, but is now defunct.  
We were pretty exhausted when we got back to Fort Clinch State Park, but were glad the day went well.

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