Wednesday, February 22, 2017

December 30, 2016 - Okeechobee, FL to Sebring, FL

During the night it was cold. Edith could not sleep well because it was not warm enough under the cover. The other night Erwin took out the downy feather comforter and put on the regular bedspread.  He should have left the comforter...

It was cool outside at 51˚ and many campers wore jackets or coats.   The weather was nice and the winds were blowing gently.

We spent the morning getting the Lil’ Home ready for its trip to Highland Hammock State Park in Sebring, FL.  This is where we will camp among other deaf campers and celebrate New Year’s with them.
We decided we were not going to tow the Jeep because it was not too far from Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park to Highland Hammock State Park in Sebring, FL.  It was less than 50 miles.

Edith went out first because she thought she may stop at several places for photoshooting.  Well, there was not much to get pictures of. The welcome sign in Sebring was very pretty and that was the only one she got a picture of.
After checking in at the ranger office at Highland Hammock State Park we were assigned to site #129 (handicapped).  It is very close to the bathhouse.  We were not far from our friends, Bon & Marilyn.  
After settling down we went over to visit some friends, rode bikes, cooked supper outside.  Edith likes cooking outside because of less mess in the kitchen. Also, a change of scenery like watching people going by while preparing and eating meals.  
This squirrel decided to have its supper along with us
After supper we got together with friends to play games.  Always full of rib-racking laughter.  Bon has always come up with many interesting games.  

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