Sunday, February 26, 2017

January 5, 2017 - Sebring, FL

The morning was very still and the sun had not yet peeked out. The fog was present in the back of the forest.  After checking outside I decided not to go out for photography and opted to sleep in more.

Today is the Laundry Day!  We googled to find where the nearest laundromat is.  After we went out Erwin realized that he forgot to take the bed sheets to be washed. 😔 We have some errands to run today. We will be checking out of Highlands Hammock tomorrow.

Erwin wanted to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond to see if they have towels that he can use to cover recliner armrests.  The hand towels were on clearance, so we picked up two beige ones.  The coloring books were on sale for 50% off, so I picked up one book “Fanciful Foxes” by Margorie Sarnat.

Across the road from Bed Bath & Beyond was Lowe’s, and Erwin wanted to shop there to get L brackets. He wanted to set up a board next to the recliner that will be used as a tray for drinks and other things.

Coin Laundry was on Ridgewood Ave. Another open aired laundromat.  Not a big one, but it had mega front loading washers.  $4.50 for a 4 lb load machine and for dryer it was 25 cents for 7 1/2 mins.
After coming home and putting the laundry away we went biking for 3 miles.  We did not see any wildlife until we were near the ranger station when we saw 4 deer grazing in the back.

Erwin set up the board by the recliner using L brackets, found a small wooden board that he can use as a tray for his coffee mug.  It looked good there.

A peaceful late afternoon and night.  The half moon was shining brightly. 


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