Saturday, February 4, 2017

December 7, 2016 - Fernandina Beach, FL

It is our last day camping here, so we decided not to go anywhere for the day. We wanted to get things organized inside our Lil' Home to get it ready for the road trip tomorrow.  Also, we were expecting visitors this afternoon and Edith prepared snacks for them.  The day was beautiful, just perfect for all of us to sit outside.

Later in the afternoon Bon, Marilyn and Helen (Bon's mom) dropped by for a visit with us. We had not seen each other since last February, so we all had so much to talk about.  We all walked to the beach to admire the scenery, but we could not stay out very long. The gnats (No SeeUms) decided to show up and ruin our moods. They were irritating us badly! 
Left: Helen, Edith, Bon & Marilyn
After our friends left Edith prepared a very simple supper.  After it got dark outside we drove to historic Fernandina Beach, then cruised along the streets to look at Christmas displays and the lighted trees. 
Cute sign!
Lighted trees on Main Street
Nativity Scene at one of the churches on Main Street

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