Monday, February 27, 2017

January 8, 2017 - Sebring, FL to Brooksville, FL

It was a beautiful morning, but chilly.  It was in high 30’s when we were up and about.

After getting the Lil’ Home (LH) ready for the road trip Erwin hooked the Jeep to it, then discovered that the brake/signal lights were not working.  After trying to wiggle/jiggle the connector between the LH and the Jeep the lights still would not work.  After discussion I decided to drive the Jeep and follow Erwin in the LH to our next destination, which is Brooksville, FL.  We were hoping that Camping World in Bartow, FL may be able to help us with the problem.

We left Highlands Hammock State Park at 10:30 am, got on Highway 27/98 North. We then got on FL-60 at near Lake Wales, FL.  

Camping World is on FL-60 in Bartow.  We were hoping that the service guys would be around, so we can talk to them about the problem with the connector.  No! The service department was CLOSED.  Erwin asked the receptionist if he could get propane fill-up.  The lady informed Erwin that the guy, who was responsible for propane, quit last Monday, and there was no one around who can do it.  Oy vey!  While in the store we looked at shower heads with on/off switch.  We are trying to save water usage while showering (especially when dry camping with no water hookup).  We bought one and hope it will work.  I have been good about doing the Navy thing (turn on to get wet, then turn off while bathing).  Erwin was not too crazy about fussing with the hot/cold handles.  Let’s hope the new shower head will solve the problem for him!

We stopped at Raceway in Dade City, FL to get gas fill-up for the Jeep and diesel for the LH.  We usually see a limit of $100 for diesel, but the pump stopped at $99.  Strange!  

There was a blimp in the sky when we were on CR 571.  No idea what it was for and where it was going.  Of course, I pulled over to get a picture of it!
We made it to Campers’ Holiday RV Park in Brooksville, FL at 3 pm, pulled up to the gate bar.  There is a box for arrivals, and I picked up the information with my name on it.  It had gate code #.  I did not have much luck with getting the gate to open.  A couple came over to help and finally got the gate to open.  
How did we know about Camper’s Holiday RV Park? Well, when we were at RV Rally show last year we picked up a coupon at Camper’s Holiday’s booth that was good for $9.99 a night with up to 2 nights stay. A couple days ago I called to see if we could reserve a site for 2 nights and they had an available site for us.  It cost us $19.98 for 2 nights. Good deal!

We were assigned to site #2 (back-in).  Little tight turn-around, but Erwin managed to back the LH in.  Nice shaded area with lots of trees.  Paved sites with full hookups. Wifi is very spotty.
Our site
View of the campground from the loop
The campground
Recreation center
We took a short walk around the campground, checking out what else was on the property.  On the other side of the campground is a residential area.  

We plan to visit Brooksville and neighboring areas tomorrow.  


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