Sunday, February 19, 2017

December 27, 2016 - Okeechobee, FL

Edith managed to be up before sunrise, grabbed her camera, went outside. The clouds were in the way, but there were some “holes” in the sky, creating interesting effects from the sun.  

We went bike riding around the park for about an hour before Erwin’s right knee started to ache a bit.  There was one trail we biked on, but had to turn around and left because the trail was soft, not hard packed.  Best for foot traffic only.

Ron, the next door camper, came over to chat with Erwin.  Edith was getting her camera gear ready for time-lapse shooting because the clouds were starting to get thick. 

Edith went to the campsite that is ideal for astrophography, found three tents pitched there.  One telescope was set up and covered in plastic wrap.  No human being was around, Edith wondered.  Expensive toy and she would not leave it out if she was not at the site.
Edith set up the old IPad and recorded the cloud movement for over an hour.  While it was being recorded Edith edited pictures for the blog.  After one hour was up Edith was distraught to find that the result was not what she wanted.  It was too bright!  She forgot to edit the settings. Oh boy!

The afternoon found us relaxing outside. The weather was just perfect. No bugs to pester us!  The Spanish moss were swaying along with the wind.  A couple small birds were scurrying on the ground.  

After supper Edith went back to the astrophogorahy camp area to get pictures of the sunset, to watch the astrophotographers in action.  
After Edith got back from shooting we played two rounds of Cribbage with each of us winning a game. 

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