Sunday, February 19, 2017

December 26, 2016 - Lake Wales, FL to Okeechobee, FL

Tommy was already at work dismantling windows from the trailer when we walked up to him.  The day was just perfect to work outside.
Tommy showed us the portable solar panel that he said we could buy from him and to use it for our Lil’ Home.  The purpose of it is to generate energy from the sun and to charge up batteries when dry camping. Erwin will need to buy long wires to connect from the solar controller to the solar panel.  It would cost thousand of dollars if we have the RV service center install panels on the roof of our Lil’ Home. We decided to give the portable solar panel a try.
Tommy & Erwin
We left Tommy and Sheri’s property at 11 am. Tommy’s parents, Ramona and Curt had already left about an hour earlier.
Curt & Ramona
Back on FL-60 South it started to drizzle.  The dark grey clouds started to build up.  The traffic going north was very long.  

We decided to stop at Desert Inn at Heehaw Junction (FL-60/Hwy 441) for lunch.  We had BBQ Chicken sandwich with steak fries and fried green tomatoes.  Edith has tasted better fried green tomatoes elsewhere. It was little over fried and the tomatoes were somewhat bland.  The sauce that came with the tomatoes was too spicy for us.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Fried Green Tomatoes
From Desert Inn we got on Hwy 441 South to go back to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.  Before getting back to site #14 we went to the dump station first.  The campground host handed us the big envelope that we received from mail forwarding service.

Erwin decided to go the other way around the campsite because it was much easier to back in the site. However, there were two parked vehicles on the other side, and nobody was around to move the vehicles.  We waited for like 5 minutes before the party arrived in the ATV.  We asked the guy to move the car, so Erwin can have enough room to turn and back in.  It took like 10 minutes before Erwin could finally backed in. Why? They thought the keys were inside the car, but could not find them.  

After settling in we rested a bit.  The winds started to pick up. The clouds got thicker than this morning.  The forecast called for rain tonight or tomorrow, so we decided not to put out the patio rug.    

Edith was very tired, kept telling Erwin she was ready for a nap. When Erwin was outside reading a book Edith decided to go take a nap. She napped for more than 3 hours.  So tired she was! 

Edith felt refreshed after a long nap, was ready to head out for sunset photoshooting.  
Window in the sky!

A simple supper was served. Then we just stayed put and rested for the rest of the night.

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