Monday, January 30, 2017

December 4, 2016 - Fernandina Beach, FL

Both of us were still tired upon arising, even though we went to bed very early last night. It may be due to exhaustion from traveling so many miles for almost 4 days.

We decided that we were not going anywhere today, just stay put and do what each of us wanted to do.

For most of the day we sat outside with Erwin reading a paperback and Edith editing the blog and pictures.  Edith finally finished and published September 3rd and 4th posts. Long overdue! It was hard keeping up with the blog when we spent two months with the family in Montana.  Always busy and on the go!

In the early afternoon we were playing cribbage when we discovered we had company in the yard.  It was an armadillo sniffing around for bugs/grubs.  Of course, Edith had to pause the game, went to get her camera, walked up to get close-up shots of the armadillo.  It was not fazed by Edith's close presence.  Eventually, the armadillo got tired of the "paparazzi" it walked away.  Of course, Edith went back to the game and Erwin won the first round, but it was a close game!

Late in the afternoon Edith made two video calls to friends to make arrangements to get together for a visit while we are in town.

A lazy day, but we needed it!

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