Sunday, February 19, 2017

December 25, 2016 - Lake Wales, FL


Perfect presciption for swamp buggy ride today!  The sun is out and there are some, but not too much clouds. The air felt just right, not too hot... 

We made sandwiches to go, brought lots of water bottles, sunscreen lotion, hats, sunglasses, etc. Of course, Edith did not forget her faithful Canon camera.

Tommy was working on the buggy because last night he said something about the shift not functioning properly..  After he got it figured out and resolved we all went out for a ride on the buggy.
Tommy explaining to Curt, his dad and Erwin 
At the fire pit waiting for the ride to begin
It is all ready for action!
Ready for the ride!
Sheri enjoying the ride
Tomy's ATV got stuck in the mud!
Getting hitched before pulling the ATV out of the mud
Tommy's son, Tomy showing off
Let us tell you something!  A ride in the dark and in the day was completely different! 
The landfill
It was piled with trashed motorhomes, trailers, etc
Clever way of decorating a "tree"
Tommy and Sheri wanted to show us the camp area that few deaf residents have homes there.  We were introduced to few part-time residents, but there was one guy who lives in that area full-time.  It was a mind-blowing experience for us to be out in the boonies.  The people were very friendly, served us snacks. We stayed for about an hour and half or two before we went back to Tommy and Sheri's property.

Tommy and Sheri's good friend, SJ took Edith out for a short ride
On way back we stopped at the "Playpen" just to fool around for a little bit before heading back home.  Tommy's good friend, SJ gave Edith a taste of what it was like to ride in Polaris Rzr.  After some urging from onlookers SJ drove through few muddles  and Edith came back with mud splatters all over. It was fun, though.

After the swamp ride we had leftovers for supper.  Tommy came over to our Lil' Home to help Erwin remove the sofa bed.  We did not like the sofa, wanted to get a loveseat or a recliner.  
We spent the night catching up on news with the family before we return back to Okeechobee in the morning.  The night was very pleasant.

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