Monday, February 20, 2017

December 28, 2016 - Okeechobee, FL

After breakfast we discussed and decided to go to the town of Okeechobee to do few errands.  Laundry, bank, grocery shopping, sightseeing.

On way to the laundromat Erwin spotted a furniture store: Morgan’s Furniture, suggested to look at recliners.  After testing few of them there was one we really liked, but Edith wanted to shop around some more before deciding on one.
The open-air laundromat is on Route 441 and has no doors. The attendant was not on duty.  We used mega front-loading washing machine ($3.25).  While the laundry was being washed Edith went out to check out Aldi grocery store nearby to see what is in there.
Edith was impressed with the layout at Aldi.  Well stocked and very organized.  She saw few items she wanted to buy, but decided to wait till the afternoon when we are ready to go back to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.
After doing the laundry we went to Tin Fish Restaurant (ranked #2 out of 89) in Okeechobee.  It is on Route 441, about 4 minutes north from the laundromat.  There are two stuffed gators on the floor with the christmas tree in the back.  The atmosphere inside the restaurant was cool.  We decided to order its special of the day: flounder basket with french fries and slaw ($12.95).  We ordered just one because Edith planned on fixing hearty supper tonight.  We were not too pleased with our meal.  The flounder was heavily battered or breaded and there was not much meat.  The french fries were krinkle cut, did not have much flavor.  The slaw had too much vinegar.  We each tasted one bite and that was it!  The #2 rank for the Tin Fish was definitely misleading!
We went to the bank across the street from the Tin Fish restaurant to ask for assistance on one transaction dispute with the loan company.  Janet was very helpful, made calls to BillPay service and the loan company.  Although, the electronic check was sent to the loan company on November 23rd it claimed it had not received the payment.  The BillPay service fixed the problem and everything was resolved.  We were there for over an hour and half!  However, we were glad it was taken care of by the bank.

We went to Lake Okeechobee Scenic Park just to look around. Edith read in the news about toxix algae that occurred in the lake and the streams.  The lake looked good and there were people fishing at the pier  Maybe the media was exaggerating the story?

We stopped at Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight to see about wirings we need for the solar panel. Both of them did not have the right kind.
On our way back to the campground we spotted three Sandhill Cranes (2 adults and one juvenile).  There were lots of cattle egrets in the pasture.  
The night was not good for astrophotography. It rained!  Edith has one more night tomorrow to try and get pictures of the Milky Way and startrails.

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