Sunday, February 26, 2017

January 4, 2017 - Okeechobee & Sebring, FL

It was very cloudy this morning. At least it was not chilly.  A good day for our outing.

We spent the morning discussing about going to Okeechobee, FL to buy a recliner at a furniture store that we looked at last week.  After checking out recliners at several furniture stores this week Erwin liked the one at Morgan’s Furniture.  Before going to Okeechobee he called ahead to be sure that the recliner was still available.  Yes, it was, the store clerk said.

After lunch we took off for Okeechobee, a 49 mile drive west.  It was a pleasant drive along Route 98 (scenic route).  At that time the sky started to darken a bit. We thought it might rain later on in the afternoon.
We went inside Morgan’s Furniture store, walked up to where the recliners are displayed.  Erwin wanted to test other recliners before making a final decision. There was one rocking recliner that he really liked, but the wall clearance was not enough. it would take up too much space.  It took a screwdriver to loosen the clips in the back, so the backrest can be removed prior to storing in the Jeep.  We were glad that the chair fit nicely in the car.  
We shopped at Aldi for few things.  When we walked in we noticed that the clouds were turning so dark, but we did not think to bring an umbrella along.  It was raining when we were ready to head out with bags of groceries.  Thank goodness, it was brief and stopped before we got to the Jeep.
Yes, Erwin rode on the scooter because his heel was hurting
We made a stop at a Publix store in Sebring on our way back to the campground because Aldi did not have few items that we wanted to get.  While there we met out friends, Eric (Speedy) and his wife, Jackie, both of them are employees at Publix.  We spent some time catching up on news with them.
I served grilled ribeye steak with sautéed mushrooms, that were cooked in Marsala wine and heavy cream, along with baked potato.  Bon appetit!

Erwin liked the recliner so far. Let’s hope he will be happy with it for a long time.


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